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Democracy Matters

Iona College noted as a College of Distinction for 2017-18

The Iona Chapter of Democracy Matters is particularly committed to meaningful campaign finance reform to insure that all Americans, regardless of wealth, have an audible voice in our political system and that viable political candidates are not discouraged from running because they do not have sufficient access to wealth.

The goals of Democracy Matters are to inform the general student body and the broader New Rochelle community about the downfalls of the current campaign finance system and how to rectify them.

We plan to achieve these goals through educational campaigns and events, leading rallies and talking to students, civic-organizations and others about bettering our democracy.

Mission Statement

Democracy Matters is a non-partisan, non-profit, national organization that strives to reinvigorate and further democratize our American political system. As members of Democracy Matters, we strive to make politicians more accountable to the people by getting big money out of politics.

Executive Board

President: Jason Fermin
Vice President: Matthew Moreira
Recruitment Chair: Michael Coppola
Recording Secretary: Carrie Sapinoso
Community Service Chair: Cassidy Mahoney
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Lacey, Political Science Department


Day: Tuesdays
Time: Noon
Location: TBD
Meetings are always open to any and all interested students

Contact Info

President: Jason Fermin
Phone: (646) 912-2646

Past Events and Future Ideas

Constitution Day
Lobby Day
Election Day
Earth Day
Voter Registration Drives
Panel Discussions