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students at commencement

Senior Events

The Senior Events Committee is a group made up of members from the Senior Class along with a few members of the Junior Class. The purpose of this committee is to provide networking, career and training opportunities, as well as promote spirit and traditions, and coordinate the annual events for the Senior Class during their final academic year. The Committee creates many diverse programs throughout the school year to unite the graduating class together before graduation and begin the transition into members of the vibrant Iona Alumni community. Underclassmen, typically Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and At-large Class Senators of the Student Government Association (SGA) often volunteer and offer day of event support for the programs to enable all members of the graduating class can truly enjoy the robust calendar of events.

All members of the Senior Class are encouraged to become involved. The Senior Events committee is advised through the Office of Student Development.

Commencement Notes

Visit the Commencement page for more information.