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RESPECT Statement

In the traditions of Iona College and the Edmund Rice Christian Brothers, we as a community are committed to RESPECT. This includes but is not limited to RESPECT for our education, RESPECT for our environment, RESPECT for the diversity of all people, RESPECT for our community, and RESPECT for our individual livelihood. This is essential to the development of our true and undoubted potential as members of humanity and the society which surrounds us. Through peer to peer accountability, the student run RESPECT Campaign promotes the idea that a simple action can make a difference, and even those unseen can and will make a prominent change.

This will be done through the charitable and voluntary actions of students. Some of these are:

  • Random community clean-ups in the residential area surrounding the Iona campus, of which many students reside.
  • The advertising and encouragement of RESPECT through marketing materials most importantly, spoken word.
  • Both Iona and the surrounding community coming together in a productive and responsive dialogue, concerning the past, present and future of Iona in the New Rochelle community.
  • Participating in events and fundraising, which help provide the New Rochelle community with assets which are imperative to the health and safety of not only Iona students but the entire New Rochelle area, and potentially areas beyond that.
  • Creating campus events which promote the equality and diversity of all people, and celebrate the differences which make our nation so unique.
Our hope is that this campaign will instill responsibility, civic action, and social awareness. Through encouragement, understanding and compromise, we believe that students will continue to respect one another, as well as themselves, and will carry these practices beyond their days at Iona.

~ Adopted Spring 2008