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The New Politics Club


As the dawn of the of a new era approaches in the United States and globally, a new generation of thinkers will lead their country on the path toward unification across all levels of society. Our Pledge is to develop, present, and supply an outlet for the student body of Iona College, as well as the faculty and surrounding communities, to become part of our processes, functions, and events, as we discuss not just political views, but the way certain processes work (e.g., presidential election, the constitution) and why. Encourage the search for and discussion of truth and knowledge, as we brake away from the traditional political thought, which would often bring division. While not deterring anyone from their political views, instead take views from all sides of the political spectrum and unite them for a better way to promote and discuss their thoughts of their political party at the same time hear other views, aside their own. Which may also help those who do not fully understand views in politics and for those looking to join a party.

Executive Board Members:

  • President: Colleen Cullen
  • Vice President: Lauren Goseine
  • Secretary: Emily Grogan
  • Treasurer: Emma Smith
  • Public Relations: Stephen Rodriguez