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Multicultural Recognition Ceremony: Commitment to Diversity Awards

These awards do not have any monetary value and have no academic (GPA) requirement.

We encourage Faculty, Staff, and students to submit nominations. Submissions must be supported by a written statement and received by the Review Committee by March 30, 2020. These awards will be presented to the recipients at the Multicultural Recognition Ceremony on May 8, 2020.

Champion of Diversity

A graduating senior who has demonstrated a legacy of advocacy and inclusion through a measurable impact on the campus community. This student has made a positive effort to provide students with a supplemental source of support, advocacy, and leadership development by initiating programming, campus involvement, and engaging conversations. Not only is this individual constantly working to better themselves but also dedicated to the growth of their peers.

Emerging Leader

This award is presented to a non-senior undergraduate student who has shown the potential to emerge within the past academic year. This student is in the process of developing a foundation as a change agent on campus. Some examples include but are not limited or exclusive to being an active member of a multicultural organization; participating in events, events, programs, and conversations on campus; and displaying an interest in developing their own understanding of diversity.

Multicultural Excellence

An undergraduate student who has shown dedication to Iona’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. This student embraces diversity and serves underrepresented students with opportunities to explore issues regarding diversity, identity development, multicultural education, social justice, and leadership initiatives. This ultimately enhances the retention, engagement, and success of historically underrepresented students.

Community Advocate (Unsung Hero)

This award recognizes a non-senior whose consistent contribution towards diversity and inclusion has gone beyond their role to promote diversity and unity acting without recognition. This individual consistently makes an effort to incorporate the Iona Statement on Diversity in their work. This student maintains a commitment to diversity, engaging in meaningful discussions in and outside the classroom.

Social Justice Ambassador

This award recognizes an undergraduate student with exemplary commitment to diversity by engaging in social justice initiatives beyond the scope of the Iona College Community. This student actively works within the greater community (hometown, New Rochelle, NYS, etc.) to explore issues regarding diversity, expanding their knowledge in service of humanity.

Examples include:

  • Volunteer work within their local community*
  • Entrepreneurial projects to provide resources for underprivileged populations
  • Work/internship involvement in an organization with a strong commitment to social justice
*This doesn’t include Iona-sponsored community service projects such as Mission Trips, Midnight Runs, Project Sunshine, etc.

For more information contact Melissa Aponte at or Sara Osorio at