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Au Pair Enrichment & ESL Classes

Spring 2019 Weekend Course Information

The cost for weekend classes is $240 for 2 credits (24 hours). Attendance is required on both days.

Those who wish to receive an additional credit (3 total) must complete a 3-5 page written assignment after the course in addition to the requirements listed above. The cost of the 3-credit option is $350.

Classes are held in Driscoll Hall on Mayflower Avenue. An email bulletin with the assignment and important information will be sent the week prior to the class. Students in weekend classes must be extremely proficient in English or native speakers. Contact Caroline Coppola at if you have any questions.

Overnight accommodations may be available. A one-week advance notice/payment is required. Contact Allen Chen at or (914) 637-7790 for more information.

Explorations in American Humor (WKD2 SP19)

Registration for this class is now closed. Please register for the June weekend class.

March 30 & 31, 2019
9 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.

What makes something funny? Why do some people laugh when others don't? In this course, you will examine characteristics of American humor and learn what makes the American sense of humor so different. The course will explore various types of humor, including satire, dark comedy, slapstick and parody. You will learn about the most influential American comedians in recent history. To tickle your funny bone, you can participate in improvisation games, exercises and skits.

Intercultural Communication (WKD3 SP19)

Registration will close on May 30 at noon.

June 1 & 2, 2019
9 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.

What causes miscommunication and misunderstanding in intercultural encounters? In this course, you will:
  • Examine cultural variables that affect intercultural communication both in daily life and in the workplace.
  • Compare communication patterns around the world and learn about high-context and low-context communication styles.
  • Discover cultural differences in apologies, complaints, politeness, small talk, compliments and praise, friendship, thinking styles, personal space, body language and facial expressions.
  • Learn why in some cultures "yes" does not mean people agree with you, as well as different ways of saying "no" without using the word "no."
  • Analyze case studies and participate in simulations.

Course fees are non-refundable after registration.

Please note: Iona College reserves the right to cancel the above courses at any time prior to their start date.