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Orientation Move In Map

Move-In Map For Loftus Hall Floors 1-6

The first six floors of Loftus enter through the back door. Everyone will go up Summit and through the Summit Avenue parking lot and make a left onto Mayflower Avenue. Then make a left into the Murphy Center parking lot and unload your car at the backside of Loftus. It is imperative to unload your car quickly to the sidewalk then move your car immediately before taking your belongings to the room. This way everyone can get into their rooms in a timely fashion. Please park your car in the main campus parking garage next to the field. Once you arrive, check in at the table set up at the back door to Conese Hall and Hales Hall.

People who are staying in floors 1-6 will drive up summit avenue and turn left into the summit avenue parking lot. They will then unload their luggage by the murphy center. Once this is complete take a left onto Mayflower avenue until you reach north avenue.