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New Student Orientation FAQs: Summer

  • When is Orientation?

    If you have missed Orientation Kick-Off please contact

    CDS 1195 Summer Orientation Course

    Incoming students must log into PeopleSoft to register for their free 1-credit required Orientation course which will meet weekly via Zoom beginning the week of June 22, 2020. The course will meet virtually once a week for one hour and run through the week of August 7, 2020. For additional information, please read these instructions on how to register for the free 1-credit Orientation course, review the instructions that have been sent to your email or contact the Center for Advising and Academic Services.

    New Student Welcome Days Kick-off on August 8 and 9, 2020

    New students should monitor their Iona email accounts for additional information.
  • My ID/Password is not working.

    Please feel free to contact the Iona help desk to assist you at (914) 633-2635.
  • How do I register for the Orientation Class?

    Below, please find a list of the days/times that we are offering the Orientation Course. Classes run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Please review the tables below and pick a day/time that works best for your schedule to be able to attend a weekly, 1-hour Zoom class. The section is indicated in the first column of each table below. Once you have found a day/time that works for you, please email the Registrar Office as follows:

    1. Email:
    2. Subject: Orientation Class
    3. Body: Hello, my name is ________________, can you please enroll me in CDS 1195, section________________? My student ID is:___________. Thank you.

    The Registrar will enroll you in the course and confirm that you have been placed in your desired section. Once registered, the Orientation Team will connect you with your instructor to get the information on how to join the class each week and provide any materials needed.

    Tuesday Schedule
    Section Meeting Time Instructor
    ORA 10 a.m. Tuesday Ms. Julia Romano
    ORB 10 a.m. Tuesday Ms. Katherine Rella
    ORC 11 a.m. Tuesday Mr. Aaron Harman
    ORD 11 a.m. Tuesday Mr. Benjamin Mead
    ORE 1 p.m. Tuesday Ms. Katherine Rella
    ORF 1 p.m. Tuesday Mr. Paul Angelucci
    ORG 3 p.m. Tuesday Mr. Marco Castillo
    ORH 3 p.m. Tuesday Br. Jason Ford, CFC
    ORI 6 p.m. Tuesday Mr. Gerard Mulvey

    Wednesday Schedule
    Section Meeting Day/Time Instructor
    ORJ 10 a.m. Wednesday Dr. Michael Buls
    ORK 11 a.m. Wednesday Ms. Melissa Platt
    ORL 11 a.m. Wednesday Ms. Kathryn Bruning
    ORM 1 p.m. Wednesday Ms. Joy Krefft
    ORN 1 p.m. Wednesday Mr. Aaron Harman
    ORO 3 p.m. Wednesday Mr. Paul Angelucci
    ORP 3 p.m. Wednesday Mr. Paul Angelucci
    ORQ 6 p.m. Wednesday Ms. Kara Fanelli

    Thursday Schedule
    Section Meeting Day/Time Instructor
    ORR 10 a.m. Thursday Ms. Lisa Tufariello
    ORS 10 a.m. Thursday Dr. Carl Procario-Foley
    ORT 11 a.m. Thursday Ms. Lisa Tufariello
    ORU 11 a.m. Thursday Ms. Julia Frampton
    ORV 1 p.m. Thursday Ms. Joy Krefft
    ORW 1 p.m. Thursday Mr. Benjamin Mead
    ORX 3 p.m. Thursday Mr. Daniel Arndt
    ORY 3 p.m. Thursday Mr. Kyle Byrne
  • When will the Orientation Classes begin?

    The Orientation classes will begin the week of June 22 and continue through the week of August 7. The class will meet once a week for one hour and, most importantly, will be fun! Students will attend via Zoom. Please disregard the start date in PeopleSoft as it states the class begins June 1, 2020.
  • I haven’t heard from my Orientation course instructor. What do I do?

    All course instructors have emailed an introduction and course meeting details to students using their Iona student email address. You can access your Iona account from Iona’s web page through the following: Quick Links > Online Services > Sign-In > Outlook or contact the Iona Help Desk at (914) 633-2635.
  • What do I need to do to receive the 1-credit for the New Student Orientation program?

    1. Register for and attend the Orientation Kick-off
    2. Register and attend weekly class meetings as well as welcome day activities
    3. Be an active and engaged participant in the orientation sessions
    4. Upload assignments to Blackboard and complete stated tasks
  • Will we meet on campus for Orientation?

    The New Student Orientation program will be a hybrid design. Orientation content will be delivered virtually through the Orientation Welcome events, weekly Zoom courses, self-paced online orientation modules and assignments, and culminate with Welcome Days events and in-person activities.

  • What happens after the Orientation Kick-Off?

    Following your attendance at one of the Orientation Kick-Offs students will be asked to register for the 1-credit orientation course. The registration process for the Orientation course follows the same process students used to complete their Fall 2020 class schedule.

    Multiple sections are offered at varied times during the week to accommodate the schedules of our incoming students. Once you register for a class section you and your orientation group classmates will be assigned an Instructor and Orientation leaders. Your small group cohort will meet each week. The same content will be covered throughout all course sections each week.

  • What will the Orientation class be like?

    The Orientation classes run from June 22-August 3, meet once a week for one hour and, most importantly, will be fun! Students will attend via Zoom. Half of the class time will be spent discussing the content for the week such as campus resources, the foundation of Iona, goal setting, and how to prepare for a meaningful life after college. The other half of the class will be focused on experiential activities designed for students to actively engage with one another, build personal relationships and focus on teamwork!

  • Will Orientation be fun?

    Yes! Students will be meeting with their small class groups each week with their OLs and Instructors.

    Orientation Social Activities
    A schedule of optional weekly social activities open to all new students will be available! Some examples offered by the Orientation team in collaboration with other areas may include: karaoke, game shows, trivia, concert, gaming tournaments, exercise class, meditation, commuter/resident social, paint night, and a hospitality supper. There will also be social media contests and prizes!

  • Who are the Class Instructors?

    Orientation classes will be facilitated by full-time professionals from the Divisions of Student Life and Enrollment Management. This means you may have your Admissions counselor as your course instructor, or will get a head start at getting to know your Residence Hall Directors. Instructors will be supported by the Orientation Coordinators and other staff throughout the college. Some weeks you may have guest instructors to cover a special topic and to introduce you to someone else at the College!

  • What are Orientation Leaders/Orientation Team Leaders?

    Orientation Leaders (OLs) are current Iona students who have been selected after an intensive hiring and training process to serve as peer advisors. The Orientation Leaders are part of the welcome wagon at Iona. They will provide perspective from a current student’s point of view, be able to answer your questions. The Orientation Team Leaders (OTLs) are students who have been prior OLs and have been selected for a larger role in the coordination of Orientation activities and provide support to the OL teams and new students!

  • How will attendance be taken at Virtual Orientation?

    The New Student Orientation program will be launching virtually on the first date of your scheduled Orientation Session. Students will log-in to a Zoom session following the Live-Launch. Orientation Leaders will take attendance during the virtual program.
  • What should I bring with me?

    For your virtual orientation welcome session, the orientation team asks that you bring a pen, notebook, a cup of coffee or water, and a smile!

    Once your weekly virtual classes begin, remember all of these items, in addition to your completed weekly course assignments outlined in the syllabus and assigned by your instructor!

  • What do I do if there is a week I am unable to participate in the class meeting?

    If you have a previous commitment such as a family vacation without internet access, an emergency shift as an essential worker or something which comes up that cannot be changed, we will collaboratively devise a plan to address it! Please be certain to inform your Instructor and Orientation Leaders as soon as you are aware by sending them an email. They will work with students on a case-by-case basis to answer questions you may have on the class discussion you will miss. Please note Iona College does not recognize “excused absences”. Attendance at the Orientation Welcome, weekly sessions, and Welcome Day activities are expected. All assignments are expected to be completed to qualify for the free credit.

  • Should my parents and family members attend Orientation?

    Parents and family members are welcome to join all incoming students during the Orientation kick-off event. The Orientation classes will be an opportunity for incoming students to get to know one another in a small group setting. If family members have additional questions they can contact and we will connect them with the appropriate college personnel for personalized responses to any additional information they may need.

  • Who can I contact if I have questions about Orientation? Who can my parents and family members contact?

    Students and family members may contact the Office of Student Development at (914) 633-2360 or for more information.