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Student Organization Series

Organizational Leadership Track

The COMPASS Organizational Leadership Track was designed at the request of many former student leaders of Iona College in conjunction with the Office of Student Development.

Recognizing leadership skills are not simply acquired when elected to a position, a workshop series was created to better meet the needs of our student leaders and effectively prepare them to lead their organizations. These sessions give leaders the opportunities to hear from professionals in their area of expertise and to learn from one another as part of the interactive round-table discussions.

The Organizational Leadership Track includes:

One to two day intensive Fall and Spring Leadership Retreats where the Student Government Association and the Office of Student Development educate presidents of clubs and organizations on:

  • Goal Setting, Vision, Mission
  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Empowering and Delegating
  • Initiating Change
  • Teambuilding and working effectively as an organization
  • The Art and benefits of co-sponsorship
  • Importance of assessment and evaluation
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Transition
  • Working with Advisors

The goals of this program are to: unite individuals in the cohort and provide them with opportunities to network, and build relationships and synergy throughout campus; provide an environment that will stimulate and encourage individual and group development; begin collaborative discussions and form action plans to issues facing the Iona College community.

These retreats are then followed by a bi-weekly workshop series and roundtable discussion on various topics that are facilitated by members of the Division of Student Life and the college and alumni community.

Some past workshops include:

  • Motivation and Retention: Help your members get over the winter blues and make sure they stay active in your organization! Learn some motivation and retention techniques in this interactive session.
  • Differences that Make us Unique: Understanding and Embracing Diversity Learn how to deal with your own personal comfort levels in dealing with people of different backgrounds. Understand how being a part of a diverse team enhances outcomes and improves experiences for all!
  • Positive Public Relations: Why is it that when an organization “messes up” everyone know about it but it is difficult to find folks who know the great things the organization has accomplished. Come learn effective PR techniques to market your organization and your accomplishments to the Iona community and beyond
  • Money, Money, Money! Fundraising and Philanthropy: Join us in this interactive session as we share tips on fundraising initiatives from idea conception to fruition- learn how you can use fundraising to further your organization.
  • Community Service: Turning Obligations into Opportunities Are you always rushing to meet your requirement of one community service event per semester? Join us and find out the various community service initiatives that your organization can assist with and why it is so important that we contribute.
  • Changing of the Guard: Effective Transition: Have you worked hard to improve your club this year? Make sure you have the necessary information to ensure your hard work and improvements carry on. Join us as we share creative and important ways to bring the semester to a close and change leadership of your organization.
  • Understanding Group Dynamics: What makes a group more than a bunch of individuals? How does a leader unify individuals into a group?
  • From Student Leader to the Real World: Find out how to transfer all of your co-curricular experiences onto your resume! Find out what employers want to see and discover how you can get the job of your dreams!