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PeopleSoft for Staff/Administrators

  • Accessing PeopleSoft

    PeopleSoft is accessible via the MyIona Single Sign-On System (SSO). To access PeopleSoft:
    1. Open your web browser. 
    2. From the Iona College homepage, go to Quick Links and select Online Services. You will see the MyIona SSO login page.
    3. Enter your computer ID and computer password and click on the 'Sign in' button. You will now see the MyIona SSO Landing Page.
    4. Click on the PeopleSoft icon to access the application. No need to log in again.
    Please log out of the SSO system from the drop-down menu located at the top right of the page.

    Forgotten Password Help

    You can manage your computer password through the Password Station system. As long as you have set up your "forgotten password help" questions, you can change your password by clicking on the Forgot Your Password link on the Single Sign On System login page.

    *If you have not set up your help questions for Password Station, contact the Help Desk to reset your password (914) 633-2635.
  • View Your Compensation History

    To View Your Compensation History in PeopleSoft

    1. Select Self Service.
      self service
    2. Select Compensation History to View Your Salary. Compensation History
  • View Your Paycheck

    To View Your Paycheck in PeopleSoft

    1. Select Self Service.
      self service
    2. Select View Paycheck. View Paycheck
    3. Once in the View Paycheck area, click on the hyperlink in the View Paycheck column to display a PDF of your Paycheck. View Paycheck
  • View/Edit Your Personal Information

    View/Edit Your Personal Information - Download video transcript here.
    1. Choose 'Self Service' from the PeopleSoft Main Screen.
      Self Service
    2. Choose 'Campus Personal Information'.Personal Information
    3. Choose 'Personal Data Summary'. Personal Data
    4. To edit your personal information, click on the links in the Contact Information box and make any necessary changes.