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updated 11/14/2018 12:39:25 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 25Live?

    CollegeNET's 25Live is Iona College's central source for all non-academic event reservations and room bookings. Built on the latest web technologies and data sharing capabilities, 25Live enables authorized users to view event information and request the use of space from any computer or mobile device with internet capability.
  • How do I access 25Live?

    You may access 25Live here. You will be presented with the 25Live Home screen, where you sign in using your computer user id and password. NOTE: A training session is required before an account is granted access to use the system. Please use this form to request a training session.
  • Who can use 25Live?

    25Live can be accessed by all faculty, staff and administrators once their account is granted access after a training session.
  • Why should I use 25Live? Can I just call the room owner to reserve a space?

    It is mandatory to use 25Live as it is the only acceptable and recognized method for scheduling events and reserving resources on campus.  Using 25Live is a very efficient way of finding an available space for your event.  The system is set up to include a full inventory of available spaces of all types – worship, meeting, performance, grounds, etc.  Not only is an inventory available but the system keeps track of availability of those spaces easily allowing you to find a space that is currently available in real time.
  • What should I do if the space for my event is locked?

  • Can I request to have a room setup in a particular way, such as a Banquet layout?

    Yes. Certain spaces allow for multiple layouts of furniture. After you have added a space to your request, click on the 'View Occurrences' link and you will notice a column for 'Layout.' If the space offers different layouts, choose from the drop-down for each space instance. After submitting your request, reach out to the space (and resource) owner(s) to notify them of any special instructions. You can do this directly within 25Live by using the 'Email' function.

    Find your event and click on it. You will be brought to a details screen for your event. Under the 'More Actions...' drop-down menu, choose the 'Email Event Details' option. On the ensuing pop-up screen, you can tick the option to send your message to 'Anyone with Assignment Tasks' and compose your message. When you hit send, you will receive a copy of the correspondence as will everyone involved with spaces/resources you have selected. The resultant message will also include a link to the event in 25Live for easy access.

  • I want to give instructions about my locations, resources, etc. Where should I put them?

    Any additional information that you want the space or resource owners to know about your event should be transmitted using the Email function from within 25Live. Find your event and click on it to be brought to the Details tab. Once there, you will notice a 'More Actions...' link towards the top-right which you can click on to open the sub-menus. Choose 'Email Event Details' which will open a pop-out Window. From that window, choose the options 'Anyone with Assignment Tasks' and compose your email.

    This method will allow you to open up communication with all space and resource owner(s) associated with your reservation request.
  • Who do I contact if I need any audio/visual equipment?

    You can request audio/visual equipment right within 25Live. The section for Event Resources lists all available equipment to be requested. Resources are filled by the resource ‘owner’. There are currently three owners: Facilities, Infotech, and Lapenta. Simply search for your resource by name using three or four characters at most.
  • I would like to serve food at my event, how do I arrange this?

    All food and beverage services are coordinated by Chartwells. You can learn more about Chartwells offerings here.
  • Why doesn’t my event show on the calendar immediately after I submit my request?

    All requests are displayed on the 25Live calendar and availability grid (within the 25Live application). When an event is submitted, it is initially a tentative event and others may request the same space and resource(s). The event is not "approved" until the space owner reviews the request and either approves or denies it.

    If your event has been approved and you are wondering why it is not showing on the school's website (, keep in mind these calendar feeds are updated every 30 minutes, not instantly.
  • Can I cancel a confirmed reservation and if so, how do I cancel it?

    You can cancel an event at any time. Simply follow the instructions for 'Canceling an Event' in the 25Live Help section.
  • Who determines whether my request is granted?

    There is a designated “Space Owner” for each location who determines whether a request is granted or denied.
  • How many days or months in advance may I make a request for a space?

    Requests may be submitted anytime with a minimum lead time of one week prior to the event.
  • I misspelled the title of my event, can I correct my mistake online?

    You have the ability to edit your requests in 25Live. Any changes to spaces and resources should be made with care and should you require any last-minute changes (anything within seven days), be sure to contact the individual space and/or resource owner(s) and notify them of your updated needs. Note: changing the date/time of your event will release the space and re-start the approval process for space and resources even if the change in time is a minute different.

    Open the 'Editing an Event Request' item in the 25Live Help section for more information.
  • How long should I wait to receive approval and confirmation of my requested space?

    You can always check on the status of your space and/or resource requests in 25Live by finding your event and clicking on it to view the 'Details' tab. 24-48 hrs. is the general guideline insofar as turnaround time for space/resource owner(s) to act on requests in the system.
  • Need more help?

    25Live has a built-in Help page that you can access by clicking on the "Help" button in the top-right of your desktop screen.

    Run into a problem that we haven't answered? Fill out our help form here and we will get back to you.