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updated 11/14/2018 12:41:25 PM

25Live Quick Guide

Below are a few quick topics. These are aimed at people whom have been trained to use 25Live who may need a refresher for a specific task. A training session is required before an account is granted access to use the system. Please use this form to request a training session.
  • Signing in to 25Live

    1. Access 25Live at:
    2. Click "Sign In" located at the top right hand corner of the page
    3. Enter your username and password
  • Creating a New Event

  • Reoccurring Events

  • Checking the Status of an Event

    An easy way to find out if your space has been confirmed for your event is to find your event using the calendar under the Home tab. If your space has been confirmed, it will appear listed underneath your event title with a blue cube next to it (shown below the right). If it has not been confirmed, nothing will be listed underneath (shown below the left).
  • Editing an Event Request

    Inevitably, you will need to edit an event in 25Live. Keep in mind that only the person who entered the event (the event 'owner') will be able to make edits. This is important to note if you are working with several people who may be entering events into the system.

    Follow this link for more detailed instructions on how to edit an event.
  • Canceling an Event

    25Live users have the ability to request a cancellation of their events. To cancel an event, find your event and click on it to be brought to the details tab. Once there, in the upper right you will notice an option for 'Event State: Confirmed.' Simply click on that link and change the event state to 'Cancelled' and click 'OK' to any pop-up message asking for confirmation. 

    Screen capture of where to cancel an event in 25Live

  • Performing a Quick Search

    1. Locate the Quick Search field in the top-left of the Home --> Dashboard tab.
    2. Enter any part of the Event, Location or Resource name using the appropriate box. Tip: Keep the number of characters entered into any search boxes to a maximum of three-to-five characters. The 25Live search function oftentimes will bring back no results if you misspell your intended target, for instance.
  • Customizing 25Live - Starred Items

    Selecting Starred items will speed up the scheduling process for users who request the same items often for events.

    Users can designate any event, location, resource, organization/department, and/or event type as a Starred Item by clicking on the hollow star icon that appears next to the name of the item in question. When clicked, the icon will turn yellow and be saved as a starred item and begin to appear on your Starred Items list for that particular section of the Event Wizard form.
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