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How to Setup a Reoccurring Event

25Live allows you to enter events as reoccurring with the same start/end time. If you have the same or similar event that occurs over multiple dates but with different times, each instance will need to be entered as a separate event.
  • Reoccurring Events with the Same Start/End Time

    Reoccurring Events with the Same Start/End Time

    Enter your event information as you normally would until you get to the Event Date and Time Field. Once you have arrived at this field, you will be presented with the question 'Is this a repeating event? Choosing Yes will take you to the event start/end time screen. Once you have entered this information and hit the 'Next' button, turn your attention to the ‘Choose how this event REPEATS’ field.

    This field provides the following choices:

    • Ad Hoc Repeats: This allows you to select individual dates for the event to repeat on. Utilize this calendar and click on each day you would like the event to repeat. Each day you select will be added to the Occurrence List at the bottom of the screen.
    • Daily Repeats: This option will have the event repeat every day at the time selected. You can select the pattern to be used for the repetition by using the dropdown for ‘Repeats every’. This allows you to choose it to repeat from every day to every 12th day. You then have the option to have it repeat until a specific date or a specific number of iterations. Once you have made your selections, the days will list themselves in the Occurrence List at the bottom of the page.
    • Repeats Weekly: This option will have the event repeat every week on the day selected. This option shows similar choices as the ‘Repeats Daily’ option. There is the addition of selecting which day or days the event will repeat on.
    • Repeats Monthly: This option will have the event repeat every month on the day selected. This option has similar choices as the ‘Repeats Daily’ selection as well. There are two new types of choices here; Repeat by Day and Repeat by Position. These choices will allow you to set up advanced patterns such as having an event the third Wednesday of each month or the second to last day of each month.
    Once you have selected your dates/times using one of the methods above, the next step is to check for Location/Resource conflicts.

    Know that if you would like to assign locations to different dates, you can. Simply select your locations as you normally would and then select ‘View and Modify Occurrences’ underneath each location. A window will appear where you can select/de-select which dates each location will be used. Do not use the 'Setup Instructions' field. Any special instructions should be conveyed using the 'Email Event Details' function.

    Once you have made the necessary selections, select ‘Done’ and continue to complete the rest of the Event Creation Wizard. If you require resources for this event, you will see a similar option to select which days resources are required.
  • Reoccurring Events with Different Start/End Times

    If the events occur at different times, you cannot make use of the recurring event options. In this case you can do the following:
    1. Create the first event as you normally would and save.
    2. Find your event and click on it to be brought to the 'Details' tab.
    3. Select the ‘Copy this Event’ link under the ‘More Actions’ menu.
    4. Edit the Event Date/Time and any other information which is different and save.
    5. Repeat this process for each of the event instances.