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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus

Iona Scholars Day Presentations

Each year Iona Scholars Day offers students the opportunity to share their work with the greater community. Throughout the day, presentations are exhibited across campus so that students, faculty and staff can engage with ideas and research findings across disciplines. This year, because of the global pandemic, Iona Scholars have opted to create virtual media in order to share their outstanding work. We are not only proud of these students’ academic accomplishments, but also of the adaptability, perseverance and dedication to scholarship they have demonstrated under these unusual circumstances.

Computer Science

Althea Chokwe

Althea Chokwe '22

CBL Scholar: 2019

Faculty Advisor: Professor Gary Berton

"Authorship Analysis + Computer Science."

This Java-based software, developed by a multidisciplinary team at Iona, was used to discover the unknown authors of various unattributed 18th century documents utilizing scientific methods in the field of authorship analysis.

Kathryn Kenny

Kathryn Kenny '20
Computer Science

CBL Scholar: 2018 + 2019

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jongwook Kim

"Rename Method Refactoring without Using Pretty-Printers"

In my presentation, I give a brief summary of how rename method refactoring works within the Java development language, and discuss a tool created to do this type of refactoring without outputting it within a pretty-printed format.

Criminal Justice

Brianna Fanzo '20

Brianna Fanzo '20
Criminal Justice

Faculty Advisor: Robyn R. Waller, Ph.D.

"Exposing the Detrimental Effects of Systematic Testimonial Injustice in the Science Field"

My presentation describes a prime example of systematic testimonial injustice in the science field.


A photo Valerie Amarosa's '20 research for Iona Scholar's Day.

Valerie Amarosa '20
Major: Media and Strategic Communication
Minor: Dance

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hannah Park

"Examination of Twyla's Tharp's Choreographic Approach Through In-Depth Analysis and Its Application"

My research project is an in-depth analysis of Twyla Tharp's particular movement style which was later applied into a solo dance choreographed by myself.

Dominique Bryden '20

Dominique Bryden '20
Arts Leadership

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hannah Park

"Examination of Somatic Practices And Its Possible Applications In Medical Settings"

My research presentation describes the concept of Somatic Therapy and the potential application for it in medical settings.

Ashley Vera '20

Ashley Vera '20
Major: Speech Communications
Minor: Psychology & Dance

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hannah Park

"Dance and the Child"

My presentation describes why dance should be in every child’s school curriculum and why it should be implemented in schools.


Michael Bruno '20

Michael Bruno '20
Majors: Psychology and Adolescent Education

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christine Hardigree

"Overview of my Thesis Research"

My thesis research promotes literature use within the classroom which is against the common core's emphasis on non-fictional texts.

An image of Kashmir from Google Maps used for Kathleen Russo's '22 Iona Scholars Day presentation.

Kathleen Russo '22

"Social Media and its Role in Kashmir"

My research focuses on how social media can be considered as a new form of postcolonial analysis.


Maimouna Mbacke

Maimouna Mbacke '20
Major: Marketing
Minor: Entrepreneurship

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rasheda L. Weaver

"Using Weaver’s Social Enterprise Directory to Teach Students About and How to Run a Social Enterprise "

This presentation discusses how Weaver's Social Enterprise Directory, an online directory for social enterprises in the United States, may be used as a social enterprise teaching tool. This work is published in the forthcoming Annals of Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy - 4th Edition.


Joe DaSilva delivers his thesis presentation on the Behavioral Analysis of Financial Markets and the Psychological Pitfalls of Investors.

Joseph DaSilva '20
Majors: Finance and Economics

"Behavioral Analysis of Financial Markets and the Psychological Pitfalls of Investors"

My presentation describes the importance of reworking traditional economic models to account for patterns of irrational behavior exhibited by market agents, and the associated behavioral biases.


Julia Kearley '20

Julia Kearley '20
Experimental Psychology Graduate Program

Faculty Advisor: Professor Sarah Wong-Goodrich
Research Partner Holly DeRosa ’19MA

"Menstrual Cycle and Hormonal Contraception Effects on Spatial Discrimination Memory"

My presentation describes the importance of studying factors influencing spatial memory as well as my experience conducting research in the Wong-Goodrich Brain & Cognition Lab at Iona.

Marimar Perez next to her poster at Iona Scholars Day.

Marimar Perez '21
General-Experimental Specialization

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Brooks-Shesler and Dr. Wong-Goodrich

"What influences one's career choice? An examination of gender, ethnicity, and personality traits."

My research examines how gender, ethnicity, and personality traits influences one’s career choice.


Lynnie Chong

Lynnie Chong '21

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sunghee Lee and Dr. Casey Dougherty

"PAMAM Dendrimer Interactions with Model Membranes: Effect of Dendrimer Surface Modifications"

In my presentation I describe my research as a member of Project Symphony working with PAMAM Dendrimers under the mentorship of Dr. Sunghee Lee and Dr. Casey Dougherty.

Jack Dunican '21 presents his work at Iona Scholars Day.

Jack Dunican '21

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Zuckerman

"Testing the Expression of Multiple Bactofilin Isoforms in Myxococcus xanthus"

In my presentation I discuss my research experience at Iona on the bacteria Myxococcus xanthus and the opportunities that doing research at Iona have provided me.

Joseph Giancaspro

Joseph Giancaspro '20

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sunghee Lee

"Caffeine's Effect on a Cell Membrane Model under Electrophysiological Observation"

In my presentation I discuss how caffeine can modulate a cell membrane’s thickness and potentially disrupt key biological processes. In addition, I showcase how being a member of Project Symphony, a chemistry research group led by Dr. Sunghee Lee, has provided myself and other undergraduate researchers at Iona College with unique and challenging growth experiences.

AJ Liles '21 presents his research.

AJ Liles '21

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sunghee Lee
Research Partner: Escarlin Perez '22

"Description of Differential Scanning Calorimetry and an Overview of Experiences as a Member of Project Symphony"

In my video I give a high-level explanation of what Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) is. I then move on to discuss what it’s been like to be a working member of Project Symphony, the biophysical research group at Iona College, as well as the many different opportunities it has exposed me to like taking part in ACS San Diego.

Marnie Skinner '20

Marnie Skinner '20

CBL Scholar: 2018 + 2019

Faculty Advisor: Professor Sunghee Lee
Research Partner: Regan Warmoth '20

"Probing the Interaction between Nanoparticles and Model Lipid Membranes"

In my video I describe how it is important to study graphene oxide’s interaction with cellular membranes in order to be able to safely apply it to various biomedical applications. I also highlight the opportunities I have had while working as a member of Project Symphony, a biophysical chemistry research group at Iona College.

Speech Communication

The opening slide of research conducted by Bianca Cavalieri '21 for Iona Scholars' Day.

Bianca Cavalieri '21
Communication Science Disorders (CSD)

Faculty Advisor: Nancy Vidal- Finnerty Ph.D. CCC-SLP
Research Partners: Clare Ford '21; Nilsa Perez, SLP-CCC, BCSS (White Plains Hospital)

"SLP Students’ Understanding of The Importance of Oral Care"

My research examines CSD students' knowledge, awareness and understanding of oral health care as it pertains to dysphagia - also known as swallowing.

Nicole Genser '21, Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology and Psychology
Caroline Doherty '21, Childhood Education
Emma Cruz '21, Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Amanda Howerton-Fox and Dr. Michelle Veyvoda

"Reimagining Early Intervention for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing"

Emma Cruz '21, Nicole Genser '21, and Caroline Doherty '21 describe their experience as research assistants on a project funded by a Dean's Office seed grant with Drs. Howerton-Fox and Veyvoda, who seek to develop an Interdisciplinary Advanced Certificate program for Iona students pursuing Masters degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders or Special Education; these students would obtain a skill-set for providing effective early intervention to children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Jessica Palmiotto '20

Jessica Palmiotto '20
Speech Language Pathology

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Nancy Vidal-Finnerty and Prof. Maria Armiento-DeMaria

"Developing a Feeding and Swallowing Care Plan for Children in Nicaragua"

This presentation discusses what I have been working on over the course of a year. I take a special interest in feeding and swallowing therapy, which is what inspired me to create this research project.

Two service dogs, a black one in a red shirt is on the right and a blond one is on the left.

Amy Zallo '21,
Speech Pathology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nancy Vidal-Finnerty
Research Partners: Allison Lopez '20, Mansi Patel '24, Puneet Kaur '24

"Speech-Communication: Training Educators in Partnership with Animal-Assisted-Intervention on Cultural-Linguistic Sensitivity"

Three students discuss their research project in which their goal is to increase sensitivity and awareness of cultural linguistic diversity among the educators of the Muttigrees Program as they feel it will be beneficial for both the program and the immigrant children they work with.

Text Analysis

Catherine DiProperzio '23

Catherine DiProperzio '23

"Job and the Ancients"

My research analyzes how Job from the Old Testament would respond to his adversities if he had access to the works of Plato and Aristotle.

An image of two works of art. The top image is a picture of the biblical figure Job on his knees. The bottom image is a depiction of a scene from Oedipus Rex.

Margaret Dougherty '23
Media and Strategic Communication

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kim Paffenroth

"Accepting Fate in Job and Oedipus the King"

In my presentation I describe the theme of accepting fate through the stories of Job and Oedipus the King, as well as my experience in the freshman honors humanities seminar.

An image of Plato's allegory of the cave.

Megan Huggard '23

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kim Paffenroth

"Push Comes to Shove"

My presentation describes my experience in the honors program, connecting various works and the challenges characters in these works faced.


Iona Scholars Day

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