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Call to Conversation - Ambassador Job Description

To be selected as an ambassador is a great honor that will recognize each student’s outstanding personal and leadership skills and provide them with extraordinary networking and social opportunities. This initiative provides an opportunity for an exclusive group of students to represent Iona at a wide array of university and alumni events.

Job Description

  • Ambassadors will be matched with an alumnus to visit with, and conduct informational interviews. Coordinator will schedule interviews based on student’s class schedule and alumnus availability.
  • Ambassadors will participate in Phonathon outreach initiatives.
  • Ambassadors will participate in email outreach to alumni as instructed.
  • Ambassadors will participate in planning and executing the #GivingGaels Day, Thursday, April 11.
  • Senior ambassadors will assist in the Senior Class Gift Drive

Ambassador Pay

  • Ambassadors will be paid roughly $30 per alumnus visit (Assuming a visit is 3 hours, round trip, at $10 an hour).
    If the visit is longer or shorter for any reason, the coordinator and Ambassador will work to adjust pay accordingly, on an individual basis.
  • Work-Study and non-work-study students are eligible.
  • Upon hiring, Coordinator will assist in the SFS on-boarding paperwork.

Ambassador Qualifications

  • Ambassadors must be full-time undergraduate Iona College students in good disciplinary standing with the College.
  • Ambassadors must be positive, responsible, enthusiastic students who enjoys meeting new people and would like to expand his or her professional and personal network.
  • He or she should have strong interpersonal communication and public-speaking skills, and be familiar with current campus initiatives as well as the Iona College mission.


  • Ambassadors will have the opportunity to receive training and experience in the following areas:
    • Interview and professional skills
    • Philanthropy
    • Communication Skills
    • Leadership
    • Iona College institutional knowledge
  • Ambassadors will have exclusive opportunity to network with distinguished alumni, College leaders, employers, donors and other people in the Iona community.
  • Ambassadors will have the prestigious opportunity to represent the diverse experiences of students to alumni.
  • Ambassadors will be provided with branded Iona attire when representing Iona.