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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus

Giving Gaels Day

Gaels Helping Gaels! You answered the call like never before!

In the midst of a global health pandemic, you showed what it means to be an Iona Gael. You care more, you give more, and you put others above yourself. The outpouring of support for our 2020 Giving Gaels Day was nothing short of incredible!

In response to significant financial challenges to our students brought on by the COVID-19 virus, you did your part to ensure that their ability to pursue their educational goals would not be in jeopardy. We’ve heard from students who’ve had to navigate their parents losing their jobs, on top of losing a job themselves, as well as from students who’ve had to drop everything to tend to their parents and family because the parents fell ill to the virus, or worse.

During our 24-hour effort and beyond, you stood with us, showing your commitment and your dedication to providing the best possible Iona experience for our current and future Gaels. And in instances like the ones mentioned above, your generosity could actually impact a student’s ability to continue their Iona education, period!

In true Gael fashion, you helped us do what few others have been able to do in these challenging times – reach new heights in support!

Giving Gaels Day 2020 saw gains in both donors and dollars over the previous year. The generosity of 215 donors (up 33% from our 2019 effort), plus challenge grants from a few of our most generous Board of Trustees members and a current parent, made raising over $132,000 possible (up 77% from our 2019 effort) to meet the critical, urgent needs of our students. This is truly a remarkable achievement, especially during these trying times. Even more important, however, is that these results translate into the delivery of critical, urgent support for our students during their greatest time of need!

On behalf of every student, and the entire Iona College community, THANK YOU!

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