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Iona Forever

Creating Modern Learning Environments

For the past 75 years, Iona College has worked proactively to provide students, staff, faculty, and administrators with buildings and facilities that provide quality living and learning environments. As demands for student housing and 21st century learning environments have grown the need for new facilities has become critical.

Residence Hall | Business School | Enhanced Athletics Center

Residence Hall

Predominantly once a commuter school, Iona’s current on-campus population comprises 43 percent of all students with the demand for on-campus housing rising every year. A new, technology advanced residence hall will provide students with a quality living and learning experience. Learn more about the residence hall.

Business School

For generations, the School of Business has provided a challenging academic environment that produces leaders who understand business and its social responsibilities.  To uphold this level of academic excellence a new, state-of-the-art facility that fosters the interactive learning environment critical to 21st century leadership training is needed. Learn more about the business school.

Enhanced Athletics Center

The legacy of Iona Athletics evolve with each passing generation.  An updated athletics complex will help maximize our recruiting efforts and provide facilities that enhance our commitment to all athletes.  The renovated center will help cement the Gaels’ role as the premier athletic program in the region and the home team for Westchester County. Learn more about the enhanced Athletics center.