Learning in Retirement at Iona College (LIRIC)

Who We Are

Learning in Retirement at Iona College (LIRIC) offers courses and social activities for people of retirement age. We are a not-for-profit organization sponsored by Iona College and affiliated with the Elderhostel Institute Network (EIN). Members have a thirst for learning and intellectual stimulation. There are no tests or grades. The enjoyment of courses is enhanced by reading the course material. In addition to the courses, trips to places of cultural interest are planned for each semester.

How We Do What We Do

LIRIC hires and pays its own director who is our liaison with the Iona administration. Everything else is done by dedicated, creative volunteers. We govern ourselves through an executive board and formulate all our own by-laws, policies and procedures. The LIRIC board is made up of the officers and the chairs of our standing committees. Representatives at large and the editor of our newsletter are also members of the board. Members of the curriculum committee design our programs and arrange for presenters and speakers from among our members, from the Iona faculty and from the community at large. Course leaders and presenters are knowledgeable in their fields. Responsibility for course content is theirs alone and not that of Iona College or LIRIC. All members of LIRIC are encouraged to suggest courses, speakers and presenters and to assist in arranging for them.

Spring Semester

LIRIC's Spring Semester begins Friday, February 28, 2014
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