Water Boil Order

A boil order has been issued for New Rochelle & vicinity from 10 a.m.-midnight today (5/27/15) -- do not drink tap water on campus today.


Tips for Efficient Review

Applicants should read the application instructions and review the sample documents prior to completing an application. Applicants proposing online data collection should review the section describing the special requirements for online research.

All boxes within the application require a response, even if that response is "No" or "N/A."  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and will be returned for completion. Keep in mind that hand-written responses on the paper copy will appear blank on the electronic form (and it is the electronic form that is distributed for review).

It is understood that electronic copies will appear unsigned. Do not scan and include the Assurances page, it makes the document unnecessarily large.

The application and all supporting material should be submitted as a single Word file; exceptions should be discussed with the Chair of the IRB prior to submission.

Supporting materials should be submitted with the instructions and layout that will be presented to participants. It is acceptable to include a title for supporting materials that will be removed prior to presentation to the participants. Photographs and other graphical materials should be submitted in a compressed format, if possible.

If "track changes" or other electronic highlighting techniques have been used during the preparation of the application (or during the revision of an application), they should be removed prior to submission (or re-submission).

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