College Assistance Program

The College Assistance Program is committed to:

  • Developing academic independence
  • Fostering personal growth
  • Encouraging community participation

The College Assistance Program (CAP) of Iona College offers comprehensive support and services for students with learning disabilities and/or attention deficit disorders. CAP is designed to encourage success by providing instruction tailored to individual strengths and needs. With success comes self-confidence and a greater ability to plan and achieve academic, personal, and career goals. Students take the standard full-time course requirements for baccalaureate degree programs to ensure the level of quality education expected of all degree candidates.

Post-graduate degrees are held by the entire CAP professional staff. This team of learning specialists and professional tutors is devoted to the support and guidance of CAP students. Tutors teach individually appropriate strategies which cross the disciplines. These skills are designed not merely to facilitate the completion of assignments, but also to generate eventual academic independence. Word processors and assistive technology are among the special equipment provided to enhance comprehension and application of course material.

The professional staff encourages CAP students to become actively involved members of the college community by joining student government or by participating in the many other campus clubs and organizations.

The Office is located in Room 204 of Amend Hall.