Chemistry moves the world…one element at a time

Chemistry moves the world…one element at a time

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Chemistry moves the world…one element at a time

A faculty composed of Ph.D. chemists; upperclass students to mentor and support you; research and internship opportunities to match your interests. These elements make Iona a great choice for aspiring scientists who are curious about the natural world and eager to make an impact.

Academically challenging, career oriented

At Iona, you’ll explore the science of chemistry in an environment that is intellectually demanding but designed for your success.

Our modern lab facilities are equipped with advanced instrumentation and technology, and our program meets the rigorous requirements for certification by the American Chemical Society, the premier organization for professional chemists in the US.

A high degree of faculty support

Supported by our expert faculty and tight-knit student body, you will graduate with the experience and technical knowledge you need to take the next step, whether that means immediate employment or acceptance into the most competitive graduate programs.

Chemistry Careers and Networking

Our Careers in Science at Iona (CSI) program offers you a chance to explore a range of career pathways in the sciences by meeting with accomplished professionals to network and discuss opportunities in their fields.

Learn about research and scholarship in the Department of Chemistry

Learn about undergraduate research opportunities in the Department of Chemistry

A chemistry degree from Iona leads to success in many different fields, including:

  • Scientific research
  • Industrial science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Teaching
  • Higher education
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Public health
  • Food chemistry

Take the Next Step

National Science Foundation S-STEM Program

Iona College has been awarded funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to recruit, support and retain undergraduate students majoring in Chemistry and Computer Science. The award will support economically disadvantaged students with high academic aptitude, for scholarships in Chemistry and Computer Science, through the Iona College Development of Excellence in Science through Intervention, Resilience, and Enrichment (DESIRE) Program.
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Student Success

The enthusiasm the faculty had for chemistry was inspiring and made me excited about the research. All of the professors I have had have not only taught me a great deal in the classroom but have also been excellent mentors.

Allyson Moffat

Chemistry Major