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Three-Way Calling

  1. Dial the first internal or external party.
  2. Once the first party is on the line, press the NEW CALL Button.
  3. When you hear the dial tone, dial the second internal or external party.
  4. When the second party is on the line, press the CONFERENCE Button and all three parties will be on the phone together.

Conference Calling

Conference calls, which include more than three and up to eight (8) parties, may be made through the Iona College Switchboard.

If you are planning to make a Conference Call, please contact the Iona College Operator in advance and inform her of the time and date of the call and the "host/hostess" of the call. The party "hosting" the Conference Call controls the call, i.e. if the host hangs up, all parties are disconnected. The host must be the first party to call the Operator, at which time the Operator connects the "host" to the Conference Bridge. The Operator can then call the other parties, which will be connected to the Bridge, or the various parties can call into the Switchboard and be connected to the Conference Bridge by the Operator.

Iona College has added an "800" Conference Line which can accommodate up to 16 individuals. Please contact Telephone Services at ext. 2100 if you wish to use this service.