Admirers of Illustrated Literature

Admirers of Illustrated Literature is a student organization introduces various forms of illustrated literature, such as anime, video games, manga and comic books. Its goal is to increase the appreciation and awareness of these genres throughout Iona College's community. We strive to form a friendly and hospitable atmosphere to talk about new releases within the illustrated literature world, as well as providing an outlet for those who come to Iona College and have the same interests as the members of Admirers of Illustrated Literature.

Executive Board 2013-2014

President: Shanice Gilchrist
Vice President: Kevin Loaiza
Literary Liasons: Achidi Kisob and Nick Lorenz
Secretary: Bryant Mazariegos
Community Service Chair: Amanda Furlong


We are proud to be hosting a Street Fighter 4 Tournament during the beginning of this year as well as many others. Please look forward to the fun events AIL will share with the Iona College community.

Past Events

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament
Mario Kart Double Dash Tournament
Miyazaki Movie Night: Howl’s Moving Castle

Contact Information

Shanice Gilchrist