Pipe Band


The IONA College Pipe Band is a main stay and defining characteristic at IONA college. There are many players in the band and always people willing to support and possibly join the band. The Pipe Band has many talented musicians who are capable of teaching new people to play in the band. The Pipe Band participates at many on campus events such as the Homecoming and Maroon Madness in addition to playing for other clubs and organizations. The Pipe Band also participates at many parades around the St. Patrick's day season at many off campus locations.

Want to join the Iona College Pipe Band?

To request the Iona College Pipe band please complete the On-Campus Pipe Band Request Form


On-Campus Pipe Band Request Form - Please return to the Office of Student Development - Attn. Jason Gloe

If interested in participating in the band for an off campus event please contact Jason Gloe in the Office of Student Development at (914) 633 - 2360 for more details.  

Executive Officer

Pipe Major:
John Bertino
Pipe Sergeant:
James Piccione
Drum Sergeant:
Connor Ruggles
Band President:
Ryan Harding
Band Secretary:
Caitlin McGurran
Band Manager:
Tom Baik


In addition to numerous athletic and club events that the pipe band plays for, the pipe band also participates in the world renowned New York City St. Patrick's Day parade and always puts forth a great show and proudly represents IONA. The band also has a concert each year in the fall that not only incorporates piping but each band member's overall skills!

Band Practice begins at around 7 pm on Wednesdays


First place college pipe band in the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade for 2011 and 2012


Iona College Pipe Band Facebook Page