Student Government Association

The SGA is composed of elected student representatives, academic senators, and campus organization presidents or their designees. The SGA attempts to enhance the educational experience of each student, and is based on the belief that a complete education extends beyond the academic program.

Also, the SGA maintains that this development can be attained through active involvement in student organizations, founded on the principles of cooperation, concern, leadership and service. It also provides a means of effective communication between the students, faculty and administration.

Thursdays at 4:30 pm
LaPenta Student Union, 2nd Floor, McGrath Room
All are always welcome!

Contact Information:
Email: SGA
Phone: (914) 633-2186
Fax :(914) 633-2185

Office Location:
LaPenta Student Union, Ground Floor, Club Hub

SGA, like all other student organizations, is required to host events. Some events that SGA has done annually:
  • The SGA Luau, Weeks of Welcome
  • The Involvement Fair
  • Thanksgiving Baskets
  • Constitution Day
    • For 2012 we were excited to help sponsor the We the People Student Initiative as part of the Faithful Citizenship Programs

Also, SGA has co-sponsored several events:

  • International Day of Peace
  • Rehtt Syndrome Tea Party
  • Invisible Children
  • Tye Dye Noon Activity

If you wish SGA to co-sponsor a program or event, please contact Vice President for Communications, Jasmyn Plasencia.

2013 - 2014
Student Government Association Executive Board

Jaclyn Shearer, President

Jaclyn is honored to serve the student body once more in the 2012 - 2013 school years. She has been consistently inspired and motivated by the passion and dedication of student leaders, and the respectful and caring nature of the students, and is so humbled to have been reelected to a second term as President. She is a senior in the honors program, majoring in Mass Communications: TV/Video, and was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (although she now calls Iona home). Before being elected as SGA President, Jaclyn served as the Vice President for Communications her sophomore year. Jaclyn also served as the chair of the Class of 2014 Senators her entire freshman year, and the beginning of her sophomore year. Jaclyn is also involved in the Tara Knights Society. Jaclyn is very passionate about SGA and hopes to inspire an equal passion in the legislature, as well as in the student body as a whole. She also hopes to work to include new groups of students who may have felt unrepresented in the past. She is also working with the Office of Student Development to create more leadership development programming on campus. Jaclyn is very excited about the team assembled on the Executive Board this year, and believes this group has the potential to make great strides for students on campus. She looks forward to putting the incredible ideas the E-Board already has into action, as well as coming up with new initiatives and goals throughout the year. She would like to encourage all students, whether they are in their first semester or their last, to get involved in all that Iona has to offer. If you have any questions about Iona, SGA, or how to get involved, you can always feel free to email her, or find her in the SGA office or at one of the many fantastic events hosted by the student organizations.

Kenneth Reischmann, Executive Vice President

Kenneth Reischmann is entering his junior year at Iona College and plans on majoring in Mass Communication. Kenneth is not only entering his third year at Iona, he is also entering his third year as a member of the Student Government Association, and second as a member of the SGA Executive Board. As a freshman, Kenneth served as a SGA Senator for the Class of 2015 and just last year, served as the Vice President of Internal Affairs, sponsoring a ton of wonderful events all around campus. The only reason that Kenneth would miss any event on campus is because of the blue and orange. He is an avid fan of both the New York Islanders and the Mets. Kenneth is very much looking forward to working with the rest of the new SGA e-board, as well as becoming a bigger voice for the students of Iona College. He lives by the words spoken by Herb Brooks: "Great moments are born from great opportunity." Kenneth is excited to use his strong motivation to make sure he does all he can do for the Iona student body!

Sean Carberry, Vice President for Internal Affairs

Sean Carberry is entering his junior year at Iona College. He is a Political Science major and a Pre-Law minor. Not only is he entering his junior year, but also he is entering his third year of service in Student Government. Freshman and sophomore year, Sean served as the Vice-Chair for the class of 2015 Senate Council and will now be the new Vice-President for Internal Affairs. Sean is an avid fan of the New York Yankees and the New York Giants. His hobbies include playing baseball and football, relaxing with friends, and learning how to play guitar. He lives by the words of Senator Robert F. Kennedy: "There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why...I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" Sean is very excited to be working with the rest of the 2013 - 2014 Executive Board and is looking forward to being a voice for the student body.

Louis Dallojacono,Vice President of Finance

Louis is entering his junior year at Iona College with a major in Marketing and a minor in Mass Communications, concentration in Public Relations. His last two years have been served as a Senator At Large for the Hagan School of Business along with being a member of the executive board for the Marketing Club. Louis credits the most critical moment in his Iona career to be his roommates' suggestion to get involved with student government. His favorite sports team is the Mets and his favorite movies are Remember the Titans and Titanic. He one day hopes to visit Italy and to have a profession that allows him to be a youth baseball or football coach. His decision to run for VP of Finance was to become more involved as a student leader on campus as well as accepting more responsibility with helping clubs receive the funding necessary to operate at their highest potential. Although his schedule is hectic, Louis always finds time to squeeze a workout in his day along with living a healthy life style. He plans to bring his intense work ethic and strong dedication to the SGA executive board of 2013-2014 and believes that the makeup and chemistry of this year's executive board will result in an exceptionally productive year and display a great deal of transparency to the student body.

CJ Funaro, Vice President for Administration

CJ is looking forward to serving on the 2013-2014 SGA Executive Board as Vice President for Administration. Since high school, CJ has always had a passion for serving his fellow classmates. During his freshman and sophomore years, CJ played an active role in SGA, serving as an SGA Senator for the Class of 2015. Some of his work as a Class Senator included: planning forums and events for the student body, sitting on two college council committees, and being an open voice for his fellow classmates. He has also been highly involved in the Marketing Club, a panelist for ICTV's political talk show, "Critical Issue", and a former talk radio host on WICR. Born and raised in Medford, New York on Long Island, CJ enjoys "beaching it" with his friends and family during the summers. That could consist of anything from a good BBQ to a roaring fire pit. An avid NY Jets fan and country music listener, CJ also enjoys staying up to date on current events and doesn't mind a good political debate every so often to keep the mind sharp. He is majoring in Finance and minoring in Marketing. Alongside his fellow E-Board members, CJ's plans for SGA this upcoming year include: encouraging growth in club membership, helping to facilitate more co-sponsored events, and being a resource in every way possible to all student organizations.

Jasmyn Plasencia, Vice President for Communications

Jasmyn is proud to sit on the 2013-2014 E-Board as the only sophomore member. She loves being involved and so when the opportunity to run for board member came up she couldn't pass it up. On a regular weekday, she's always busy and running around. If it's not grabbing lunch at Spellman, or being in class, it's working in the office of Student Development, one that has become her second home. Her interests include hanging out with friends, rearranging her room and finding new ways to stay active. Jasmyn is a proud New Yorker, and so with no surprise is her favorite sports team the Yankees! Jasmyn plans to continue her search for the perfect major, in the Hagan school of business where she will test the waters with Management; a path that could lead her to becoming an event coordinator some day. Until then she's thrilled to begin her journey through SGA along with the amazing E-Board that has come together; Jasmyn cannot wait to see what the remainder of her life as a Gael has in store!

Class Senators

Class Senators represent their respective classes in Student Government Legislative meetings by advocating for their constituents, sitting on SGA and College Council Committees and planning forums and programming for their class.

Sophomore Class Senators Junior Class Senators Senior Class Senators
Tommy Severin
Marek Smolinski
Sean Campbell
Sean O'Brien
Anthony Aurrichio
Kaitlyn Richter
Miranda Kriss
Joelle Cheatem
Bridgid McGlynn
Caitlyn O'Toole
Brigit Rhode
Andrew Jordan
Kevin Bartnett
Diana Montalbano

Senators At-Large

Senators At-Large represent various constituencies within the college as a whole. The focus in on wider constituencies and act at an advocating recourse for them. They hold a vote and a seat on the SGA Legislative along with serving on SGA and College Council Committees.

School of Arts and Science Iona
Savannah Lang Collette Carlson
Hagan School of Business International
Jasmine Bayla Junior Beauvais