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Nick Grippo '14, Pete Consadori'14/Co-Advisor, Rob Boncardo '16, Joe Archino '16, Mike Damergis, Advisor

WICR was a finalist in four categories for the 2015 Intercollegiate Broadcasting Awards.

WICR, Iona College Radio, lives by the motto “Commitment To Excellence.” This standard is met by requiring new members to have completed or be enrolled in MCO 225 - Intro to Broadcasting. By meeting this requirement, any student has the privilege to host, produce, and plan his or her own radio show. As a member of WICR, you have the ability to help organize events and contribute to the growth of the station and the school. If you have a passion for broadcasting, other opportunities present themselves throughout the year to become more involved as well. WICR offers the opportunity to DJ and host events that are sponsored by WICR, and offers DJ services to all clubs and organizations on campus.
WICR is run in a professional manner and can be heard on campus and online as well. WICR utilizes and (search WICR) to share content on the web. All prospective members will have the ability to promote their shows on social media platforms, contribute to the growth of the station and voice their opinions and perspectives. Students use WICR as a tool to hone their craft, and someday land a job in the industry. WICR is revolutionizing the way we see Iona College Radio.


WICR is an organization that promotes and encourages the expression of individuality through a positive outlet, while remaining consistent with the mission of Iona College. We commit ourselves to promoting tolerance and respect for others and ourselves. Membership will require an appreciation of diversity within the organization and within the Iona College community as a whole.
The members of WICR will achieve the aforementioned goals by embracing various forms of self-expression, through music and talk radio, while being mindful and respectful on and off the air. The members of WICR will also encourage others to be open-minded and accepting to all types of people and beliefs.
WICR follows strict FCC guidelines.


WICR meets several times throughout the semester. Our meetings are critical to maintaining the cohesiveness of the station. We use these meetings as a platform to implement and discuss new policies, scheduling shows, and forming relationships with our members.  Due to the importance of these factors, meetings are mandatory for all members. Failure to attend meetings could result in dismissal from the club.


WICR engages in a wide variety of on and off campus events and activities. Our club gives back to the community by performing community cleanups around New Rochelle. Our top priority is to serve the Iona College community. We do this by holding events, such as our acclaimed WICR Radiothon. In 2014, the Radiothon supported great causes like Relay For Life. We will continue to use our unique platform in radio to benefit the Iona community at large.