E-Billing Information

The Iona College Office of Student Financial Services generates tuition bills electronically. Each time an E-Bill is generated the student is notified at their Iona College e-mail address.

Once Logged In Students Can:

  • View and Print your E-Bill
  • Make Payment Online by Credit Card or E-Check
  • Add an Authorized Payer

Iona College does not mail paper bills. Students and Authorized Payers are notified by e-mail each time a new E-Bill is generated.

Please Note: The E-Bill is a monthly billing statement. Payments made after the billing date will be reflected on the next E-Bill. Students can verify payments posted in real-time and view other account activity, by logging onto their Iona College student account on Peoplesoft and selecting "Account Inquiry" via the Student Service Center.


Convenient, Fast, and Easy!

No more waiting for your statement to arrive in the mail...
Students and designated family members can view their E-Bill from a secure site— from any location worldwide.

24/7 available access— E-Billing offers a fast and efficient way to view student account information, including charges, payments and financial aid, 24 hours a day.

Now with E-Billing— As Authorized Payers, parents can also have the convenience of viewing their students billing detail online.

Pay Your Statement Online

No stamps needed!
E-Bill offers the convenience of viewing your statement online, and then making an electronic check payment directly from a checking account or credit card. When making a payment you also have the option of choosing the term you would like to pay.

Enhances Online Services and Communication

E-mail and web-based services have become primary ways of communicating on campus and throughout the world. In addition, several College applications and processes are already paperless or electronic. Electronic billing continues this initiative and the web culture that students have become accustomed to.

Environmentally Friendly

Electronic billing allows both the college and the E-Bill recipient to reduce paper usage, which is friendly to the environment and the conservation of our nation's forests.