Adolescence Education in Adolescence Subjects (7-12)

Biology, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Spanish

For candidates with Provisional/Initial certification in an Adolescence Subject

Required Degree Core
EDU 653 Instructional and Assessment Strategies in the Secondary School
EDU 721 Modern Educational Philosophies
EDU 922 Multicultural Education
Total 9 credits

Subject Area Courses:

BIO 510 Living Environment
BIO 515 Genetics ad Cell biology
BIO 520 Ecology annd Population Ecology
BIO 525 Biological Chemistry and Cell Physiology
BIO 530 Laboratory Techniques in Modern Biology (1 Credit)
BIO Electives Three (3) Biology Courses as advised
Total 23 credits

ENG Electives Seven (7) English Courses as advised
EDU 954 Special Project in English Education
Total 24 credits

MTH 620 Analysis
MTH 705 Topics in Modern Geometry
MTH 708 History of Mathematics
MTH 710 Probability and Statistics
MTH 650, 651, or 702 One (1) Course in Algebra
MTH 621, 701, or 707 One (1) Course in Analysis
MTH 704 or 709 One (1) Course in Logic
EDU 951 Special Project in Mathematics Education
Total 24 credits

Social Studies
GEO 620 Geographic Interpretation of World Affairs
GEO 612 Human Geography
HST 703 Topics in Non-Western History: A Comparative Review
HST 710 Historical Geography
HST 797 Contemporary Problems in Global Civilization
HST 898 Culminating Experience
HST Elective One (1) History/Geography Courses as advised
Total 21 credits

SPA 702 Intermediate Conversation for Teachers
SPA 720 History of Spanish Language
SPA 980 Culminating Experience
SPA 990 Pedagogy Workshop
SPA 991 Introduction to Children's Hispanic Literature
SPA Electives Two (2) Spanish Courses as advised
Total 21 credits