MA in Mental Health Counseling

Required Core Courses:
PSY 602
Proseminar in Personality and Social Psychology
PSY 603
Experimental Research Methods in Cognition
PSY 605
Advanced Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology
PSY 607
Professional Issues and Ethics in Psychology
PSY 622
Advanced Life-Span Development
Total 15 Credits

Required Mental Health Counseling Courses:
PSY 613
PSY 614
Counseling theory and Practice
PSY 615
Basic Interviewing and Counseling Practices
PSY 620
Dynamics of Group Processes
PSY 637
Intellectual and Educational Assessment
PSY 638
Personality Assessment
Total 18 Credits

Required Placement (3-6 credits):
Ordinarily, the student must complete 30 credits before departmental permission is granted to choose one or two of the following:
PSY 640
Practicum in Community/Health Psychology
PSY 642
Internship in Mental Heath: Community/Clinical
PSY 643
Internship in Mental Heath: Community/Clinical
Total 3 to 6 Credits

Required Mental Health Counseling Elective Courses:
Choose six or seven courses (depending on internship credits completed) from the following:
PSY 616
The Psychology of Exceptional Individuals
PSY 617
Health Psychology
PSY 618
Understanding and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors
PSY 623
Stress: Affective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Components
PSY 626
Community Psychology and Traumatology
PSY 627
Behavioral Assessment and Intervention
PSY 629
Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice
PSY 631
Psychological Aspects of Sexual Health
Total 18 to 21 Credits

Required Thesis or Literature Review Seminar:
Choose one course (3 credits):
PSY 681
Thesis Supervision
PSY 683
Literature Review Paper Seminar
Total 3 Credits

Total credits required for the Mental Health Counseling = 60.

As a condition of licensure, all candidates for the M.A. in Mental Health Counseling must complete at least two clock hours of training in the identification and reporting of child abuse and maltreatment.