Iona College Awards

These are funds from the college applied to student accounts to reduce the balance due.

Iona Funded Awards

  • Iona College awards merit-based scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students on the basis of their high school or college (in the case of transfer students) test scores and academic ability. These scholarships are determined based on the available academic indicators by the admissions office at the time of acceptance to the college. They will remain the same for all four years provided the student maintains the agreed upon cumulative GPA and files a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually by April 15 in advance of each academic year. Undergraduate students may also be eligible for need-based grants from the College and should complete the FAFSA to be considered for grant assistance.
  • Graduate students are considered for merit scholarships under the Edmund Rice Scholarship program based on their Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

Types of Iona Funded Awards:

Scholarships and Grants

Cumulative Grade point averages for retaining Iona College funding:




Academic Excellence 3.0 Gael Scholarship 2.0
Alpha Beta Gamma 3.0 Heritage Scholarship 3.0
Archdiocesan Award 3.0 Iona Grant 2.0
Athletic Award 2.0 Iona Scholarship 2.8
Brother Daly Alumni Award 2.0 Iona Incentive Award 2.5
Brother Offer Scholarship 2.0 Phi Theta Kappa 3.0
Celtic Scholarship 2.5 Presidential or Dean's Scholarship 3.5
Edmund Rice Scholarship - Graduate 3.5 Piper's Scholarship 2.0
Edmund Rice Grant 2.0 Sibling Award 2.0
Founders Grant 2.0 Transfer Scholarship 3.0

Athletic Awards
  • Iona College grants athletic awards on a competitive basis to outstanding athletes. Refer to your athletic contract and coaches for specific requirements.

Endowed Scholarships

Iona College is fortunate to have generous donors who contribute funds to provide endowed scholarships to assist students in meeting their educational goals. Donors establish the guidelines and eligibility for each specific scholarship, as well as the amount permitted. Endowed scholarships are scholarships for which the disbursements are based on earnings from the invested donations. The "corpus" is invested and a portion of the interest earned each year funds the scholarship award. Thus, the "corpus" remains part of the College's endowment in perpetuity.

Endowed scholarship award renewal is not guaranteed and is subject to both financial market fluctuation and continued student eligibility. Please note that the receipt of an endowed scholarship may result in a decrease in Iona College institutional aid.

Students must complete the Endowed Scholarship Application available online for each scholarship you are applying for. Additionally you must attach a copy of the scholarship criteria which can be found online at Undergraduate Catalog. Once you have completed the application, please fax it to Student Financial Services at (914) 633-2096. We begin awarding our endowed scholarships in October of each academic year.