BA in Speech/ Language Pathology & Audiology

Effective Fall 2012: All incoming Freshman and Transfer students who are authorized to declare a major in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology will be accountable for the degree requirements as detailed below.

Students previously declared in the Speech Language Pathology major, who have maintained active and continuous standing with the College may choose to complete their degree under the previous construct, OR may apply to complete the new degree construct.

**Note: Students have a single opportunity to select to change the academic catalog year under which they are completing their degree, by requesting to move to a later academic catalog year. Students may make this formal request after being advised by their departmental advisor and by requesting a formal change of year with the Registrar's offices. Once a change has been authorized, no additional catalog year change can be made.

If you are interested in declaring a major in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, please email the chair at for an application or for more information. Minimum requirements include a 3.0 overall GPA, a completed application, and a positive clinical disposition.

Major Required Courses (21 Credits - all are required)
SCS 361 Normal Acquisition of Speech and Language
SCS 362 Introduction to Communication Disorders
SCS 363 Phonetics
SCS 364 The Anatomy and Physiology and the Speech Mechanism
SCS 365 Introduction to Hearing Science
SCS 366 Audiology
SCS 373 Speech Science

Required Communication Skills Course (3 Credits), Select any one course
SCS 205 Interpersonal Communication
SCS 230 Communication for the Healthcare Professional
SCS 231 Storytelling and Narrative in Healthcare
SCS 304 Business and Professional Speaking
SCS 323 Persuasion
SCS 346 Intercultural Communication
SCS 370 Small Group Communication
SCS 375 Interviewing

Major Elective Courses (9 Credits), Select any three courses
SCS 301 Clinical Linguistics
SCS 319 Bilingualism and Speech-Language Disorders
SCS 367 Aural Rehabilitation
SCS 380 Communication Problems in Aging
SCS 401 Internship in Speech Communication
SCS 418 Principles of Clinical Management in Speech Language Pathology I
SCS 419 Principles of Clinical Management in Speech Language Pathology II
SCS 420 Principles of Clinical Management in Speech Language Pathology III
SCS 430 Swallowing Disorders in Adults and Children
SCS 431 Evaluation Procedures for Diagnostic Purposes in Speech-Language Pathology

SCS 432 Medical Speech Pathology

Total credits required for this major: 33