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Grants Process Overview

Identifying a Funding Source

When you have specific projects, programs or research in mind, we can help you identify potential funding sources. For example, if you wish to study the impact of American trade policy on Japan in the 19th century, we would suggest possible sources of funding.
In order to do this, we would need you to submit at a minimum, preferably electronically via e-mail, a short description (three paragraphs) of your proposed work and a rough estimate of the total funds you are seeking. As your proposal evolves, we will probably need a more detailed description of your project and a more detailed budget. To submit a funding search request please click here.
When you have a more general "area of interest," we can bring to your attention funding opportunities. For example, if your area of interest is the culture of the former Soviet nations, when funding opportunities come to our attention that might be appropriate for this interest, we would send you a summary of the grant program. The preferred method of communicating these opportunities to you is via e-mail.
By providing us with a specific description of your "area of interest" we will be better able to refine what opportunities we bring to your attention.
Opportunities that would seem to be of interest to someone at the College, but for which no specific person comes to mind, are transmitted, as appropriate, to the Provost, the Deans and others.
For both faculty and students, there are also fellowships, stipends and scholarships. If these are of interest to you and/or you think they would be of interest to your students, please let us know.
Your suggestions as to possible sources of funding, either for your projects or those of others, are always welcome. Perhaps you heard someone at a conference mention that they received a grant from XYZ Foundation, or you saw an announcement about a grant opportunity. In any case, bring it to our attention. We will work with you to determine if it is appropriate for your project or bring the opportunity to the attention of the appropriate person.
"People give money to people." If you know someone who is on the board of a corporation or a foundation, let us know, they can probably be of help. In many cases, even "just knowing the local manager" can make the difference. If your area is one that has a specific government agency that funds projects, get to know the program people in that agency.
It is possible that you have identified the "perfect" funding source for your project, but the College is unable to submit a proposal to them for any number of reasons, including: we already have a grant from them; past experience has shown they have restrictions on their funding of which you may not be aware; the College has set another priority for the funder; etc.
Initiatives may develop at the College for which your expertise is needed in order to prepare a grant proposal, even though you did not initiate the request. Your assistance with these is greatly appreciated.
There are numerous electronic and print resources that you can search for funding sources. We will gladly provide you assistance in locating and using these resources.

Once a Source is Identified

We will contact the funder, obtain guidelines and an application for you.
We will work with you to develop a proposal, including a budget. Since we do not necessarily have expertise in your area, you must provide the narrative and budget for your project. We will, as appropriate, wordsmith the proposal. Different funding sources have vastly different requirements concerning the format for submission (these range from complex applications to simple letters). In many cases a project may be submitted to different funders in different formats. We will work with you to develop these different formats.
You will be given the opportunity to review the proposal before it is submitted.
We will submit the proposal on your behalf.
The "rate of success" for proposals varies greatly depending on the specific funder and the specific initiative under which a proposal is submitted. We have seen the ratio of grants to proposals vary from 1 in 10 to 1 in 1,000. The odds of obtaining a grant if you do not apply is zero.


When the funder notifies us about your proposal, we will notify you and draft the appropriate "thank you" letter from the College. We would also suggest that you write a thank you letter (with a blind cc to this office). Such letters should be written even if your proposal is not funded; there can always be a next time.
If at any time the funder should contact you directly, please let us know as soon as possible.
If a grant is awarded, we will work with you to gain publicity for your grant.
All checks must be made payable to Iona College and sent to our attention. We will work with you and the Controller's Office to make sure the funds are credited to the appropriate account.
It is your responsibility to:
  • Prepare for our review and then submit timely reports as required by the funder (with copies to this office). We can work with you on preparing these reports.
  • Spend the money as approved and in the appropriate timeframe.
  • Please notify us of any situation concerning your grant before contacting the funder.