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At Iona University, we believe the most transformative learning happens beyond the classroom. To help you start exploring the world beyond New York, we offer 15 study abroad programs that facilitate experiential learning, cultural immersion and personal exploration.

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Tailor your study abroad experience to your specific passion, dream location or available time frame. Full-semester, summer or spring break programs are available.

Through Iona’s study abroad programs, explore another culture's art, architecture, language and history as you build confidence, broaden your perspective on life and take rigorous courses that help you work toward earning your degree.

Want to learn more about how to begin your adventure? Review how to apply to Iona’s study abroad program or explore available study abroad scholarships.

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Dayna Richardson

Director of Study Abroad & Service-Learning

A Transformational Experience

Iona University strives to include educational opportunities for all students to go global and explore new cultures and languages, meet new people and gain a new perspective. Hear what our students have to say about the many benefits of studying abroad!

Explore Iona’s Study Abroad Programs

From the rainforests of Costa Rica to the Scottish Isles, Iona University offers a diverse range of study abroad adventures to expand upon the traditional classroom and get you into the world, where you can visit new places, meet new people and immerse yourself in a life-changing experience.

When do you want to study abroad?

Spring Programs Summer Programs Fall/Spring Programs

Spring Study Abroad Programs

Berekum, Ghana

Spring Break
Students pursuing their BS in nursing at Iona can participate in the 10-day Ghana Global Clinical Immersion program during their final semester. In this faculty-led program, participants earn 50 clinical hours as they serve in hospitals and outpatient centers, providing exceptional care to patients from all walks of life.

Learn More: Berekum, Ghana

The school in Ghana in Berekum.

Costa Rica Marketing Adventure

Spring Break
Dive into Costa Rica’s thriving ecotourism and travel industries and its multinational and small business agencies and study its business scene through an adept marketing lens. Enjoy the country's beautiful scenery, culture and people as you engage in a rigorous academic program.

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A mountain in Costa Rica

Dublin, Ireland

Spring Break
Explore and experience Ireland’s vibrant culture, history and traditions while studying the importance of Irish theatre. While in the program, you learn about the inception of Irish theatre, its evolution and how it continues to thrive in the modern era. Attend world-class Irish theatre productions and take part in excursions to incredible sites and locales in and around Dublin and Galway.

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Cliffs near the ocean in Ireland.

Isle of Iona, Scotland

Spring Break
Spend your spring break investigating Iona University’s heritage on the Isle of Iona, where St. Columba founded his community over 1,000 years ago. Here, you study how nature and religion commune together and the intricacies of medieval traveling narratives, bringing a new, enlightened perspective to your life on campus.

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The Isle of Iona

London, England

Spring Break
Iona’s study abroad program in London serves as an extension of the Creative Nonfiction course, where you have the opportunity to learn about travel writing. While abroad, you experience Shakespeare’s Globe, Kensington Gardens, and London Bridge and take in shows at some of London’s best venues.

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A student sits by the river with Big Ben in the background and smiles.

Oświęcim, Poland

Spring Break
Join us for a rigorous, week-long experience studying abroad in Poland. During your program, you gain a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and the Auschwitz extermination camp through site trips in Oświęcim, Kraków, and Wadowice. The course is led by Iona faculty in cooperation with the Centre for Dialogue and Prayer in Oświęcim.

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The gates of the concentration camp in Auschwitz, Poland.


Spring Break: Service-Learning
Witness the importance and interconnection of community, movement, entrepreneurship and activism by exploring Panama with Movement Exchange. As you immerse yourself in dance and folkloric rhythms, you learn about the rich history and cultural significance of Latin music and dancing while studying in growing metropolises at the meeting point of Central and South America.

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An aerial view of a city in Panama.

Rome, Florence & Milan, Italy

Spring Break
Join us for our Marketing Adventure in Italy and experience Rome, Florence and Milan’s local culture and academic scene first-hand. During your time in the program, you accrue valuable business industry insights, gain a deeper understanding of multicultural companies and their business practices and visit iconic cultural, entertainment and business locales throughout Italy.

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Students at a fancy shopping plaza in Italy.

Summer Study Abroad Programs

Bahia, Brazil

Summer: Service-Learning
Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Bahia, Brazil,  and explore its Afro-Brazilian culture as you engage in riveting conversations about the intermingling of culture, philosophy and human nature.

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Salvador, Bahia

Barcelona, Spain

Study abroad in Barcelona to fine-tune your Spanish-language skills and discover Barcelona's rich culture, vibrant artwork and natural beauty, all while gaining a deeper understanding of international communications and cross-cultural communication strategies.

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Two Iona students pose on a sunny day with Barcelona, Spain in the background.

Porto, Portugal

Partake in the European Innovation Academy (EIA) study abroad program and spend three weeks in Porto, Portugal, digging into how to become a global entrepreneur. As you participate in this transformative experience, you can learn first-hand about entrepreneurship and how to launch a successful start-up.

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Sail boats dock at a port city in Portugal.

Rome, Italy (Summer)

Learn about the rich art history of Rome while exploring some of the city's most captivating sites.

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The Piazza Novana in Rome.

Westport, Ireland

Spend your summer in Westport House, one of Ireland’s last privately owned historic houses, as you take courses and perform clinical observations at local hospitals. Nestled on 400 acres of stunning beauty, you enjoy the serenity of Westport House and its grounds as you study, forge meaningful relationships and learn outside the lines.

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Westport House

Fall or Spring Study Abroad Programs

Paris, France

Semester: Fall or Spring
In partnership with St. John's University, you can embark on a 15-week adventure, studying and exploring Paris, Normandy, Strasbourg and the Region of Provence. Enjoy France’s historic beauty while pursuing your degree. 

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Students from Iona in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Rome, Italy (Fall or Spring Semester)

Semester: Fall or Spring
Through our partnership with St. John's University, you can enroll in classes in the heart of Rome and immerse yourself in the beauty of Italian culture. During your time abroad, you have the opportunity to travel to Campania, Tuscany and Sicily to explore their history and enjoy creating meaningful connections.

Learn More: Rome, Italy

An Iona study at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

Western Europe

Semester: Fall or Spring
Embark on a thrilling 15-week study abroad experience, learning in and exploring three iconic European cities — Limerick, Paris and Rome — and see all that Western Europe has to offer. This study abroad is in partnership with St. John's University.

Learn More: Western Europe

Two female students pose in front of a cliff.

Why Study Abroad?

Pursue Academic Excellence

Studying abroad with Iona University grants you access to world-class education, cutting-edge institutions, research facilities, and expert faculty members. As you interact with different teaching methods and perspectives, you diversify your critical thinking and communication skills and specialize your knowledge, enhancing your overall academic performance.

Strengthen Your Language Proficiency

Studying abroad can support your efforts toward mastering a second language. When you immerse yourself in a new country's culture and language, you can expedite your language proficiency through daily listening, reading and conversing with native speakers. Becoming bilingual or multilingual supports your career growth in today's interconnected world and distinguishes you as a qualified and valuable professional.

Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Leaving the familiarity of your day-to-day routine and traveling to a different country fosters personal growth and independence. You learn to navigate unfamiliar environments, adapt to challenges, try new things and develop resilience — all skills you can only gain through first-hand, real-world experiences. Equipped with a new level of adaptability and confidence, you return to life in New Rochelle, ready to excel in the classroom or wherever else you go.

Build a Global Network

While studying abroad, you engage with students from diverse backgrounds, form connections with professors, and meet other industry professionals through transformative cultural exchange programs. Creating an expansive network worldwide can lead to exciting future career endeavors, improve cross-cultural communication and cultivate collaboration across borders.

Students and faculty in front of a cathedral in Italy.

Live Outside the Lines by Studying Abroad With Iona

When you participate in Iona’s study abroad program, you say “yes” to a new world of opportunities. Not only do you delve into new intellectual pursuits, but you also undergo a personal transformation, learning more about yourself and enriching your perspective.

Looking for more study abroad resources? We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions — covering program costs, accommodations and more — to help you start planning for your travels. Or, if you have more detailed questions, connect with Dayna Richardson, director of Study Abroad & Service-Learning.