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Welcome back to campus! Please check the return to campus protocols and ensure your medical records are up to date.

Return to Campus FAQs

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Mask Policy

  • Masks are required inside ALL buildings on campus by ALL individuals regardless of vaccination status. Iona has zero tolerance for non-adherence to the indoor mask mandate and there will be consequences for students and employees who do not adhere to the mask mandate. 
  • The only exceptions are residential students in their own rooms and employees in their own private offices. Masks may also be temporarily removed when actively eating or drinking in designated areas.
  • There should be no eating or drinking in classrooms. Food and beverage are not permitted in academic class meetings. If a student has an urgent need to eat or drink during class, they should temporarily leave class to do so after informing their instructor. Classroom participation grades will be impacted at the sole discretion of the faculty member if this policy is abused.
  • It is the responsibility of each member of the community to have appropriate masks. The College actively encourages the use of effective masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Cloth masks are not as effective as surgical masks, KN95 or N95. Double masks are recommended if using cloth masks. Masks must fully cover your nose and mouth.
  • See these CDC tips on how to improve your mask protection. 
  • Students and employees should have their own masks. In the event that a mask breaks or is misplaced, please note that there are mask distribution locations in the LaPenta School of Business dean’s office, School of Arts & Science dean’s office, Office of Campus Safety, McSpedon Hall Welcome Center, Ryan Library front desk, Advisement Center and the Hynes Athletics Center.
  • Any office that needs more masks should contact Qaush Zeqaj in Business Services at or ext. 2246. 
  • Faculty members are instructed to restrict students from their classrooms who do not have the appropriate face coverings. 

Each member of the community is responsible for having appropriate face coverings and masks, but in the event that a mask breaks or is misplaced, please note that there are mask distributions at the following locations throughout campus:

  • LaPenta School of Business Dean’s Office, located in the LaPenta School of Business
  • School of Arts & Science Dean’s Office, located in the Murphy Center
  • Campus Safety Office, located in the LaPenta Student Union
  • Campus Welcome Center, located in McSpedon Hall
  • Campus Safety Booth, located at the North Avenue Main Entrance

Food and beverages are not permitted in classrooms. If a student has an urgent need to eat or drink during class, they should temporarily leave class to do so after informing their instructor. Classroom participation grades will be impacted at the sole discretion of the faculty member if this policy is abused.

Masks are mandatory in the Hynes Athletics Center at all times, whether you are touring the facility, working out or participating in any other recreational activity.

Testing Fee

Students without documentation of COVID-19 vaccination will be assessed a fee of $500.00 on or around January 28 to cover the costs associated with campus testing for the spring semester.

A medical or religious exemption would exempt students from fees, but surveillance testing would still be mandatory.

We do not plan on refunding testing fees once they have been charged for the semester. However, future semesters would not be charged for students who become vaccinated during this period.

Students who are in process of getting vaccinated during the fall semester should upload proof of each dose and enter the date of each dose immediately after they receive it in order to avoid the $500 fee during the spring semester.

You may get tested at home whenever you wish, but unvaccinated students will still need to participate in the scheduled surveillance testing that Iona will be administering on campus on a regular basis, and subject to the $500 per semester fee. The College would still be responsible for tracking and processing test results, and we are highly recommending the vaccine to avoid the $500 fee. If you have a medical waiver or religious exemption, you may upload that documentation and will not be subject to the $500 fee.

Medical Waiver

Religious Exemption

The testing fee for unvaccinated students is required. Alternatively, vaccines are free, safe and effective. Find COVID-19 vaccines near you or for assistance, please contact the Office of Health Services at or (914) 633-2548. If you have a medical waiver or religious exemption, you would be exempted from this fee.

Medical Waiver

Religious Exemption

About Exemptions

The vaccine and testing protocols and policies for returning to campus apply to all students – residents and commuters.

Students who have medical or religious exemptions and complete and upload a waiver will be exempt from the $500/semester testing fee.

Waivers are available in Medicat or can be accessed via the links below. They must be signed by a medical doctor or religious leader and uploaded to Medicat. An approved medical or religious exemption will exempt the student from the fee, but the student will still need to participate in the on-campus surveillance testing.

Medical Waiver

Religious Exemption

About testing

All vaccinated students and employees will NOT be required to quarantine if exposed to a positive case and are not symptomatic. They are expected to monitor their symptoms for 10 days. They are asked to test 3-5 days after exposure and wear a mask for 14 days or until there is a negative test result. Vaccinated students are not required to participate in surveillance testing but may go to the testing center if concerned.

All non-vaccinated students and employees will be required to quarantine if exposed to a positive case for 10 days and released out of quarantine on day 11. Non-vaccinated students are required to participate in surveillance testing every 2 weeks. This schedule may increase or decrease dependent on risk assessment.

If a student is not feeling well:

  • They should not come to class or participate in campus activities while they have symptoms.
  • Students should contact Health Services at (914) 633-2548 for an assessment and/or appointment to be evaluated by a nurse practitioner.
  • Based on the health consult, students may be advised to get tested at Arrigoni Center, which is open for student testing Monday–Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • If students test positive or are placed in quarantine, Health Services will provide a sick note, which includes the date of the anticipated return to class or participation in any activities.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to provide an electronic copy of the sick note to their instructor(s) in case of a missed class.
  • A sick note will only be given to students for release from class if medically necessary. The student cannot have a COVID-19 medically excused absence without this note.
  • Students should coordinate with their professors to cover any content missed in class.

About Uploading Proof of Vaccination

Students should upload their documentation as soon as possible!

For instructions on how to upload, please watch this video.

To avoid paying the $500 fee for the spring semester, students should upload their results as soon as possible and no later than the start of classes.

All students who do not have evidence of COVID-19 vaccination must take part in the ongoing surveillance testing program at the Arrigoni Center every other week.

Upload your PCR test now

We do not want students relying on an automatic upload. Every person should upload their own documentation to ensure accuracy of information.

Showing Proof of Vaccination

Iona maintains medical records that capture who has been vaccinated, but there are not visible markers or anything that must be worn/shown on an ID card.

Please note that the medical records of Iona students and employees are confidential. We will not be releasing specific information on who in the community has been vaccinated or not.

This will be reviewed and assessed for individual events as circumstances require and as local and national data evolve, however, masking for indoor events is required. Individuals may be asked to present one of the following for events: proof of full vaccination (final dose as of two weeks prior to the event) or a recent negative COVID-19 test.

Residence Halls & Guests

Detailed information will be shared from Residential Life for those living on campus. Residence hall capacity will remain at no more than two people per bedroom. Yes, there will be suites, but each bedroom in a suite will still be limited to two people.

Guests and commuter students will be permitted but must check in and register at the front desks and comply with all Residential Life and Iona College rules and regulations. The resident host is responsible for the actions of their guest(s) and will also be held accountable for any damages or inappropriate behavior while the guest is in the residence hall or on the campus.

Overnight guests are not permitted. Guest hours are from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week. Residential spaces may only host a maximum of 50% more guests than residents that live in their suite. For example, a Loftus suite of 4 individuals can have a maximum of two total guest between the 4 individuals. A Hales suite of 8 can have a maximum of four total guests between the 8 individuals. A guest counts as anyone that does not live in the suite.

Masks will be required in residence hall common spaces and upon entrance to the residence halls for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. Masks are highly recommended for all individuals when guests from outside of the room or suite are visiting.