Training Information

To perform research approved by the Iona IRB, training in research ethics is required for all researchers and research assistants. To obtain the required training, complete one or both of the online courses at the links below.

Faculty and Graduate Student Training

The CITI Program in the Protection of Human Research Subjects may be found at Upon completion of the training course, a copy of the training certificate will be sent automatically to the Iona College Institutional Contact.

The CITI training certificate expires at the end of two years; at that time, a notification will be sent to the researcher by CITI. The researcher may renew the certificate by completing a short refresher course. This will extend the certificate for an additional two years. The refresher course may be completed twice, for a total of six years (initial training, plus two refresher courses). At the end of the six-year cycle, the researcher must complete the entire training course.

Briefer Option for Undergraduate Student Training

The NIH Research Training may be found at  Upon completion of the course, the student should print a physical copy of the certificate (automatic notifications are not generated). In general, the student should provide a physical copy to his or her instructor, research supervisor, or department, as required.

Choice of training course for undergraduate students is left to the discretion of the course instructor, supervisor, or department.