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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus.

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Iona College Branding

What is branding anyway? A brand is not a product, a logo, a tagline or a color. While those elements are all important pieces to the puzzle, a brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or organization. It is the relationship between a company and its customers. Brands need to grow and be protected.

What does this mean for Iona College?
We know that the most recognizable institutions attract high-quality students and distinguished faculty as well as recognition among their peers and within the media. Iona wants to compete on the same playing field and remind the world around us of our mission.

In 2013, Iona College launched a new identity and brand message. For more information or assistance or to request use of the brand elements, please contact us at

Help Us Celebrate Student and Faculty Accomplishments

Web Submission Form

Please share faculty and student accomplishments, upcoming events or seminars, and other notable news via the link below.

Help Us Promote Your Event

Social Media and Digital Signs

Email College Marketing & Communications event details and photos two weeks in advance ( Please include:
  • both vertical and horizontal images (landscape and portrait)
  • the who, what, when, where and why of your event
  • please ensure that you have tested any links you would like to include in promotional materials

Iona College Editorial Style Guide

The Iona College Editorial Style Guide was created by College Marketing & Communications as a quick reference tool to help College communicators follow a style that is consistent and appropriate for print and digital materials written for and about Iona College.

The most important aspect is to remain consistent in usage of various terms (titles, times, dates, places, etc.) within your document. A unified style strengthens Iona’s image and brand with prospective students and parents, alumni and donors.

We will update this guide and implement changes in College materials as practical. Those with questions or comments about this style guide may contact