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Spring 2023 Campus Climate Survey Results


  • The number of students who participated in the 2023 Campus Climate survey increased, giving a response rate of 15.6%.

    • The response rate, however, is about 1% lower than the 2021 survey.

  • The percentage of positive ratings of campus climate rose from the 2021 results where most respondents:

    • feel safe of campus;

    • believe that Iona does a good job of protecting students from harm;

    • agree that there is a good support system on campus for students going through difficult times.

  • Similar to 2021 results, over two-thirds of respondents:

    • understand policies on sexual misconduct and assault;

    • express confidence that sexual assault claims would be handled fairly at Iona.

  • If they suspected a case of sexual assault, the majority of students would speak to a friend or report it to the Title IX coordinator and only 1% of students would do nothing.

  • The 2023 results also show that Iona successfully educated students on Title IX-related matters with higher percentages of students saying they received information about the university’s policies regarding incidents of sexual assault, how to locate university resources on campus, and who the Title IX Coordinator is, compared to 2021 and 2019.