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Student Meal Plans

The meal plans at Iona College are Declining Balance Points that can be used at the four on-campus dining services locations and at participating off-campus eateries. Points are posted to the student’s account at the beginning of each semester and decline as each purchase is made. The On-campus dining plans are tax free. All sales made at off-campus eateries are taxable. Flex Points can be used on campus and off campus.

All full time resident and beginning in fall 2020, freshman commuter undergraduate students at Iona College are required to have a meal plan.

Meal plans can be used throughout the school year. Meal plan points equals dollars. Points unspent at the end of the fall semester roll over to the spring semester, any points which remain at the end of the spring semester are forfeited. ALL MEAL PLANS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

Meal plan points may be used for the purchase of food items and non-alcoholic beverages only.

All students are welcome to select from any of the higher optional meal plans. Students may be able to use financial aid funds in excess of standard charges to pay for meal plan upgrades. Please speak with your Student Financial Services counselor to learn more.

Residential Student Meal Plans 2020-2021
Resident Meal Plan Annual Cost On-Campus Points Flex Points Total Points
Gold $5,950 3,850 2,350 6,200
Silver $4,950 3,100 2,050 5,150
Bronze $4,500 2,800 1,800 4,600
Upper-Class (Junior and Seniors - Standard Plan) $3,954 2,354 1,600 3,954
Sophomores (Standard Plan) $3,954 2,654 1,300 3,954
Freshman (Standard Plan) $3,954 2,954 1,000 3,954
Eastchester Residents (Standard Plan) $2,300 1,500 800 2300

Commuter Student Meal Plan 2020-2021

Beginning in Fall 2020, Freshman Commuters enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) per semester are automatically enrolled in a mandatory commuter meal plan. This plan is designed to offer students the convenience of eating on campus as well as benefit from the sales tax exemption.

  • Cost Per Semester $ 200 (200 On Campus Points)

Adding Funds to Your Meal Plan

You may add points throughout the school year using a credit/debit card, please click on the link below. (All points will be posted to student account on the next business day by noon).

Purchase Meal Plan Points

If you wish to add points using check or cash, please visit Student Financial Services.