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Honors Program

Learn how our Honors Program will challenge you to reach beyond your horizons!

Welcome to the Honors Program!

As an Honors student you are on course to elevate your educational and personal college experience while at Iona. Our highly selective program provides ample enrichment opportunities to prepare you for success... here at Iona and out in the community!

As you plan your path over the next few years – courses to take, study abroad opportunities to explore, and more – we are here to help guide you.

Whether you come into the Honors Program as a freshman, or apply to it after arriving at Iona, you will be welcomed into an impactful community!

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Thomas J. Moretti, Ph.D.

Interim Director, Honors Program

Karabrann Williams

The Honors Program definitely made adjusting to college much easier. When we had papers due, we’d stay up late together trying to get our work done. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone because we were all going through the same thing.

KaraBrann Williams ’21
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Honors Program Mission

The Iona University Honors Program is highly selective and attracts the most able and motivated students, challenging them to deepen their intellectual engagement, to hone their skills further, and to broaden their perspectives. In addition, the Honors Program is a community of students and faculty, which fosters a spirit of academic adventurousness, discovery, and mutual respect.

Grounded in a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum marked by an advanced course of study, students in the Honors Program embody the mission of Iona, of the Christian Brothers, and of Catholic higher education.

In support of these goals, the Honors Program welcomes students who are eager to take up the challenges of:

  • striving for the highest levels of academic achievement and intellectual growth;
  • developing the skills and qualities of mind that are intrinsic to a liberal arts education (i.e. abstract reasoning, critical thinking, and scholarly analysis);
  • transforming into independent and creative scholars in a field of inquiry;
  • cultivating leadership skills, a keen sense of social and ethical awareness, and engaged citizenship through service to the community;
  • exploring a broad range of ideas that span across disciplines to fully prepare themselves for their post-graduate endeavors.

Students in the Honors Program achieve their goals with the support of the dedicated program director, creative faculty, and an enthusiastic community of mentors and peers.

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