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Honors Incoming Student Registration

Welcome to the Iona University Honors Program!

As you begin to plan your course schedule for your first semester at Iona, you will need to include specific Honors Program courses. Here is what you need to know!

How to Register

All Honors students will be advised by a Professional Advisor in the Center for Advising and Academic Services.  During your meeting, we will discuss your Honors Core requirements, as well as your planned major and the courses that you will be required to take with that plan in mind.  Be sure to tell your Advisor, during your meeting, that you are in the Honors program to be sure we advise you properly.

All Honors freshmen will register for one section of HON 150: The Honors Cornerstone. This is the first course in the Honors seminar sequence.  You will then choose four other courses for your first course schedule

What Courses Should I Take?

You will be guided to register for a balance of courses that meet some of the Honors Core Distribution requirements, recommendations may include:

  • English, History, Religious Studies or Philosophy course to fulfill at least one of the Diversity, Cross-Cultural and Global Perspectives requirements. Some courses may also be useful as Major level courses, an option we call double-dipping
  • Introductory Social Science courses in Psychology, Sociology, or Political Science, however, Business Majors are required to take Economics 201 & 202, which can be ‘double-dipped’ for Major
  • Math 200 or Math 231. Please note that MTH 231 may be a prerequisites for some majors.
  • CS 180 or CS 201. Please note that CS 201 be a prerequisite for some majors.
  • One course in a Major level science, from Biology 101 or 125, Chemistry 107 or 109, or Physics 101.Although some majors require more prerequisites, the courses above may be ‘double-dipped’ as appropriate.
  • A Foreign Language course to fulfill the Honors DCCG language requirement. students

If you have any college coursework taken while in high school or AP exam score reports, those official transcripts should be sent to the Admissions Office at as soon as your final official score/grade has been posted.

Please plan to review this course and exam information with your assigned academic advisor to ensure that you do not unintentionally duplicate credit earned. You can check the Credit for Prior Coursework page to see if your transfer or AP credits will exempt you from specific academic requirements.

All Iona University students must take one semester of a language other than English (3-credit course) as part of the 9 credit-Diversity Cross-Cultural and Global Perspectives University Core requirement.  (A second course in the same language, though not required of all students, counts for three more credits toward the 9 credit DCCG requirement).  An online placement system has been developed by the University's Languages faculty to ensure that your language study at Iona is well suited to your background in a particular language.

Language Placement Survey

You are asked to complete a brief survey about your experience with one or more language other than English. If you wish to study Spanish or Italian, you may be required to take a placement test.

If you have no prior experience with Spanish or Italian, you do not need to take a placement survey.

If you have studied Spanish or Italian and/or if you are a heritage speaker of either language, you need to complete the placement text on the language you intend to study at Iona. The language placement test takes only 15 to 20 minutes. Please review the Major Recommendations page for guidance about courses.

Complete the Language Placement Survey

AP Exam

If you have taken an AP exam in language and/or literature, please speak to your academic advisor about the possibility of receiving college credit.

The Honors website has course checklists which show all Honors requirements separated by school – Arts & Science or Business. They will be very useful as you plan your courses.

Honors Courses & Checklists

LaPenta School of Business students will all fulfill a Business Core as a part of the curriculum of all business degrees. The Business Core consists of 12 courses, which will be taken throughout the four-year degree. Students may start their first year with BUS 100, 130 and 150.

Contact the Honors Program

Thomas J. Moretti, Ph.D.

Interim Director, Honors Program


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