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Honors Thesis Day

February 25, 2021

Each panel will open with the following remarks by Seamus Carey, Ph.D., president of Iona College.

10 a.m., Session I


Moderator: Kathleen Kristian, Ph.d.

"Interaction of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers with Model Cell Membranes"
Dr. Sunghee Lee, Chemistry

"Studying the Interaction of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs with Phospholipid Membranes Through Differential Scanning Calorimetry"
Dr. Sunghee Lee, Chemistry

"Kinetic Studies of the reaction of Water Soluble NHC-Rhodium(II) complexes with HNO2"
Dr. Kathleen Kristian, Chemistry


Moderator: Amanda Howerton-Fox, ph.d.

"Since the IDEA: the Change in Teacher’s Perceptions of Students with Disabilities in the K-12 NYC Public School Setting (1975-2015)"
Br. Dennis Gunn, Education

"Tools for Teaching English Syntax through American Sign Language (TTES-ASL): Teachers’ Perceptions of the Value of a New Curriculum for Teaching English Syntax in Deaf Education Contexts"
Dr. Amanda Howerton-Fox, Education

"Factors Impacting Degree Attainment at the Secondary Level"
Dr. Benjamin Gaines, Mathematics

11 a.m., Session II


Moderator: David Zuckerman, ph.d.

"Testing the Expression of Multiple Bactofilin Isoforms in Myxococcus xanthus"
Dr. David Zuckerman, Biology

"Determining the Function of Holin A and Holin B protein in Myxococcus xanthus"
Dr. David Zuckerman, Biology


Moderator: Marie Gioiosa, Ph.d., cpa

"Practitioners’ Concerns Surrounding Artificial Intelligence in the Accounting Field"
Dr. Marie Gioiosa, Accounting

"Do Endowments Influence the Quality of Care in U.S. Children’s Hospitals?"
Dr. Marie Gioiosa, Accounting

"Predicted Results of Legalized Sports Gambling through Legalized State Lotteries"
Dr. Andrew Griffith, Accounting

"The Impact of Corporate Environmental Responsibility on Financial Performance: A Case Study of JP Morgan Chase & Co."
Dr. Amal AlAbbad, Accounting

Noon, Session III


Moderator: Alexander R. Eodice, Ph.D.

"The Force as Logos, God, and Tao: The Philosophical Significance of Star Wars"
Dr. Alexander Eodice, Philosophy

"Controlling Teens by What They Can’t Read: Book Censorship of the Young Adult Genre in America"
Dr. Ivy Linton Stabell, English

Economics and International Affairs

Moderator: Robert Lacey, ph.d.

"Socioeconomic Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Look into Botswana & Zimbabwe"
Dr. Bonu Sengupta, Economics

"An Analysis of the World’s Different Healthcare Models and their Effect on COVID-19 Response"
Dr. Joshua Leon, Political Science

Nicholle Parsons
"Terrorism in the United States: They will make you ‘Proud of your Boy'"
Dr. Robert Lacey, Political Science

1 p.m., Session IV

Finance & Management

Moderator: Muhammad Qayyum, ph.d.

"Indicators for Returns on Initial Public Offerings"
Dr. Muhammad Qayyum, Finance, Business Economics & Legal Studies

“Effects of Extracurricular Activities on the Likelihood of Being Selected for a Job Interview"

Dr. Bret Sanner, Management, Business Administration and Health Care Management


Moderator: Sarah Wong-Goodrich, ph.d.

"Examining the Effects of Daily Physical Activity on Episodic Memory"
Dr. Sarah Wong-Goodrich, Psychology

"Exploring Influencing Factors of Attribution Judgements"
Dr. Sarah Wong-Goodrich, Psychology

2 p.m., Session V

Mathematics & Computer Science

Moderator: Benjamin Gaines, ph.d.

"Collision Analysis Applied to Stylometry"
Dr. Christopher Briscoe, Computer Science

"Investigating Smooth Arithmetical Structures on Y-Graphs of the Form Y_{2,2,ℓ}"
Dr. Abigail Bishop, Mathematics

"Predicting the Behavior of Attackers and Preventing Cyber Attacks"
Dr. Paolina Centonze, Computer Science

Communication Sciences & Disorders

Moderator: Michelle Veyvoda, Ph.D., ccc-slp

"Faculty Perceptions of Postsecondary Support Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Learners"
Dr. Michelle Veyvoda, Communication Sciences and Disorders

"The Level of Cultural Competence in Communication Science and Disorder Graduate Students"
Dr. Jennifer Gerometta, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Political Science

Moderator: Jeanne Zaino, ph.d.

"Analyzing the Effect of Liberal Immigration Policy"
Dr. Jeanne Zaino, Political Science

"An Analysis of the State of Modern American Militia"
Dr. Jeanne Zaino, Political Science

"Analysis of Instances of Voting Rights Suppression in the 2018 Elections as a Result of Shelby County v. Holder"
Dr. Jeanne Zaino, Political Science

3 p.m., Session VI

Communication in the College Setting

Moderator: Tony Kelso, ph.d.

"The Impact of Instagram on The Body Image of College Women"
Dr. Natalie Redcross, Media & Strategic Communication

"Mental Health at Iona College: The Importance of Comprehensive Training and Open Communication"
Dr. Amanda Howerton-Fox, Education


Moderator: Eric Hamerman, ph.d.

"The Disparity in Perceptions of Male and Female Athletes"
Dr. Eric Hamerman, Marketing and International Business

"The Effect of Social Media Influencers on College Students’ Purchase Decisions"
Dr. Chrissy Martins, Marketing and International Business

“Does Student-Athlete’s Study Time affect Academic Performance?”
Dr. Alison Munsch, Finance, Business Economics & Legal Studies

4 p.m., Closing Remarks

Dr. Darrell Wheeler, provost of Iona College

Dr. Kim Paffenroth, director, Iona College Honors Program

Presentation of the annual award to the Honors Faculty Member of the Year