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Performance Reviews

Each of us has an important role in this process. Honest, open and constructive self-reflection and feedback from supervisors will allow each of us to do our best work in the coming year. The time that we invest now in appraisal of ourselves and others will sustain and guide us, both individually and organizationally, in our important work for students and others. Please use this opportunity to its fullest. 
  • Timeline

    Many of you have already begun planning your annual performance conversations. All written evaluations are to be submitted by August 15, 2017.

    To facilitate holistic conversations, we have created a process that has three parts:
    1. Employee self-evaluation and goal setting for the upcoming year
    2. Supervisor feedback
    3. Goal setting to be generated through discussion between the employee and the supervisor 
  • Updated this year

    • We have added a Training Plan with a list of recommended training programs and space to add additional programs.
    • All Iona College supervisors must submit completed and signed appraisal forms via email to We recommend that you save each employee’s file, individually. For example, my review will be saved "Wilmot, Tracey – 2017."
  • A Note about Outstanding Performance

    We continue to hear substantial feedback about the category of “Outstanding Performance.” To be eligible for an overall annual rating of "Outstanding," an employee is expected to have maintained exemplary performance across many competencies over the year. Specific supporting examples regarding the nature and quality of the work must be included as part of the appraisal. Outstanding performance is often described as:
    • Consistently shows initiative, is proactive, a go-getter
    • Anticipates and resolves challenges
    • Considerably surpasses annual performance goals; goes above and beyond what is required
    • Demonstrates mastery, a role model or mentor for others
    • Creative, embraces new challenges; challenges others appropriately
    • Achieves outstanding results with significant impact on mission or goals
    • Takes advantage of opportunities that have impact on a broad scale outside typical responsibilities
  • Process

    • It is mandatory that you use the Iona College performance appraisal document
    • Direct Reports and Supervisors should be sure to schedule the performance appraisal with adequate time for a constructive conversation
    • Supervisors should ask their direct reports to prepare and submit a self-appraisal prior to the conversation
  • Resources

    Review the Performance Appraisal Guide, and we encourage supervisors to attend the one-hour Conducting Meaningful Performance Reviews Workshop on one of the following dates. You may enroll by clicking on any of the dates below:
We hope this page will be helpful to you as you plan for this year’s performance appraisal process.
Please feel free to contact me at (914) 633-2067 if you have any questions.

Tracey Wilmot
Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator