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Competencies & Definitions

The following section defines the performance competencies that are measured on Iona University’s proprietary Performance Management tool. These competencies are cross-referenced with additional standard performance competencies and behavioral anchors that may prove helpful in evaluating performance.

Please Note: Titles marked (SO) are for Supervisors Only.

  • Competencies are identified knowledge, skills, abilities, and mindsets, evaluated through demonstrated behaviors, which directly and positively contribute to the success of the organization and to the success of employees in their job role, position, and function.
  • A behavioral anchor is a specific example of behavior associated with a performance competency. It is an example of the behavior being measured.

Iona Competency Description
Displays openness to new ideas and flexibility to take on challenging situations; able to cope and reset when results are not as planned.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Adapts to changes in the work environment
  • Manages competing demands
  • Accepts criticism and feedback
  • Changes approach or method to best fit the situation

Iona Competency Description
Seeks and pursues opportunities to promote and support the University's Mission, Vision, Values statements. Demonstrates integrity and dedication to service and social justice. Fosters an inclusive work environment through positive working relationships, shares thoughts to accomplish a common goal, respects diversity in the work place, and cooperates well with internal and external constituents.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Follows policies and procedures
  • Completes administrative tasks correctly and on time
  • Supports organization's goals and values
  • Benefits organization through outside activities
  • Supports affirmative action and respects diversity

Related competencies are Dependability, Teamwork, and Quality

Iona Competency Description
Promotes open expression of ideas and opinions with all members of the Iona community; demonstrates effective listening skills and openness to the ideas and thoughts of others. Effectively conveys thoughts and facts through written and oral dissemination to internal and external constituents, when appropriate.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Expresses ideas and thoughts verbally
  • Expresses ideas and thoughts in written form
  • Exhibits good listening and comprehension
  • Keeps others adequately informed
  • Selects and uses appropriate communication methods

Related competencies are Oral Communication and Written Communication

Iona Competency Description Exhibits resourcefulness and willingness to exceed required objectives; strives to achieve goals, and seeks additional responsibility. Applies original thinking in approach to job responsibilities pursues opportunities to improve processes, systems, or services.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Volunteers readily
  • Undertakes self-development activities
  • Seeks increased responsibilities
  • Takes independent actions and calculated risks
  • Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities
  • Asks for help when needed
  • Displays original thinking and creativity
  • Meets challenges with resourcefulness
  • Generates suggestions for improving work
  • Develops innovative approaches and ideas

Related competency is Design

Iona Competency Description
Effectively establishes tasks, processes, and milestones to achieve goals, and identifies resources to efficiently meet those objectives. Delivers results, meets commitments and is accountable to others.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Prioritizes and plans work activities
  • Uses time efficiently
  • Plans for additional resources
  • Integrates changes smoothly
  • Sets goals and objectives
  • Works in an organized manner

Iona Competency Description
Methodically analyzes issues and makes sound, logical, timely and ethical job-related decisions that serve the best interest of the University and align with the law and College policies and standards. Considers diverse perspectives, as appropriate. Solves problems involving varied levels of complexity, ambiguity and risk. Understands the impact of decisions on stakeholders and implements change as needed.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Identifies problems in a timely manner
  • Gathers and analyzes information skillfully
  • Develops alternative solutions
  • Resolves problems in early stages
  • Works well in group problem solving situations
  • Displays willingness to make decisions
  • Exhibits sound and accurate judgment
  • Supports and explains reasoning for decisions
  • Includes appropriate people in decision making process
  • Makes timely decisions

Iona Competency Description
Displays keen awareness of the changing landscape within one’s functional area and the broader higher education sector and effects change based on this understanding. Possesses significant experience and knowledge of all aspects in related work area. Shows exemplary ability to foresee and predict outcomes based on previous experience and modelled research.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Competent in required job skills and knowledge
  • Exhibits ability to learn and apply new skills
  • Keeps abreast of current developments
  • Requires minimal supervision
  • Displays understanding of how job relates to others
  • Uses resources effectively

Iona Competency Description
Continually works to improve and reinforce the performance of one's staff. Takes responsibility for direct reports' performance by setting clear goals and expectations, accurately assessing performance, continuously tracking progress toward goals, while ensuring timely, constructive feedback. Effectively coaches and supports direct reports in developing knowledge and skills in the interest of performance improvement and career development.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Defines responsibilities and expectations
  • Sets goals and objectives
  • Gives performance feedback
  • Motivates for increased results
  • Recognizes contributions
  • Encourages training and development

Related competencies are Quality Management and Recruitment & Staffing

Iona Competency Description
Promotes and advocates for an environment that is inclusive and exhibits appreciation for and acceptance of fellow employees’ and student’s beliefs, language, interpersonal styles and behaviors. Demonstrates intentionality and results in recruiting and retaining diverse and inclusive teams that possess rich ideas, perspectives and backgrounds that are valued, respected and supported.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of EEO policy
  • Shows respect and sensitivity for cultural differences
  • Educates others on the value of diversity
  • Promotes a harassment-free environment
  • Builds a diverse workforce

Iona Competency Description
Keeps Iona’s Mission, Vision, Values and student focus at the forefront of decision making and actions. Inspire respect, follow through and commitment while supporting collaboration and motivating others to achieve success through teamwork. Demonstrates resilience, flexibility and high expectations by setting challenging goals for oneself and others that aligned with the strategic plan and goals of the University.

Additional Performance Anchors to Consider:

  • Exhibits confidence in self and others
  • Inspires respect and trust
  • Reacts well under pressure
  • Shows courage to take action
  • Motivates others to perform well

Related competencies are Managing People and Team Leadership