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The Brother John G. Driscoll Professorship in Jewish-Catholic Studies is a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rudin, New York City, to Iona College to honor President Emeritus Br. Driscoll's fifty years as a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers. As a program in Jewish-Catholic Studies, the Driscoll Professorship will add a unique perspective to the fulfillment of Iona's mission to prize the values of justice, peace, and service.


Therefore, the Driscoll Professorship dedicates itself to:

  • effecting mutual understanding between the peoples of the Jewish and Catholic faiths;
  • fostering learning about the similarities and differences surrounding shared beliefs in God, faith, and the values of justice and life; exploring a common foundation in the themes of covenantal relationship;
  • deepening understanding about the effects and implications of the Shoah;
  • celebrating the spiritual vitality and gifts of the two faiths.


In the spirit of Br. Driscoll's passion for Jewish-Catholic studies, the Driscoll Professorship takes Br. Driscoll's hopes as its own:

That ancient truths will be revered,
That hidden truths will be revealed,
That new ways will be found to touch the human heart
– Adopted 9-99, rev. 9-00


The Brother John G. Driscoll Professorship is made possible through a generous endowment from Jack and Susan Rudin. Additional annual funding comes from the Jean and Henry Pollak Division of the Lucile and Maurice Pollak Fund.