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Policies & Guidelines

  • Space Requests

    All external individuals or organizations interested in having an event on campus must complete an Online Application Form. Once an application is submitted, a staff member from the Office of Conference Services will review the submission and follow up with you via phone or email.

    Please note: the booking start time is the point at which the client, the client's staff or any vendors working with the client, need to access the space(s) for any event preparations before the actual start time of the event. Similarly, the booking end time is when the client, its staff or any vendors working with the client, will vacate the space(s).

    We do ask that you please remove all food items, signage, decorations, equipment and other items by the end of the scheduled move-out time and leave the room the way you found it.
  • Rental Fees and Associated Costs

    Fees include, but are not limited to, space rental, setup and breakdown. Additional costs such as occupancy of spaces outside normal business hours, campus security and audio visual may apply and are based upon length of time, location and other event requirements based on the discretion of the college. A full estimate will be provided based on the information submitted by the client on the Request for Proposal.
  • Contract Requirements

    Events held by external groups and organizations have no programmatic relationship with the College and must be approved by the Office of Conference Services.

    Once a space request by an external group/individual is approved, the group/individual must sign a Facilities Lease Agreement and abide by all the terms including use of space, payment, and cancellation, if applicable. Please also note that all promotional materials for the event—including but not limited to brochures, press releases, mailings, tickets, and all audio, visual, or written advertisements—must be pre-approved by the College.
  • Certificate of Insurance

    All outside organizations wishing to hold an event at the College must submit a Certificate of Insurance, in which the requesting organization pays a nominal fee for a one-time certificate.
    The certificate must obtain the following limits:
    • Commercial General Liability insurance in an amount not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 general aggregate.
    • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability coverage at the statutory limits.
    • Iona College shall be named as additional insured on the policy.
    The certificate must be submitted when the event is requested and is required two weeks before the day of the scheduled event. Please note your event will not be confirmed until receipt of certificate. 
  • Payment

    Total payment is due upon signing the Facilities Lease Agreement. There are two options to submit payment

    1) Please submit checks payable to Iona College to the following address and contact person:

    Iona College
    Office of Conference Services
    715 North Avenue
    New Rochelle, NY 10801
    Attention: Robert DiSapia

    2) Payment via credit card through online payment system.
  • Cancellation

    All payments are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule an event, the payment will be used as a credit toward a future event date.

    Only if the event is terminated by the College will payments be refunded.
  • Confirmation

    Space reservations for external individuals and organizations remain tentative until the signed contract, the certificate of insurance and total payment have been submitted.
  • Damages

    Clients may not alter or move furniture, electrical or mechanical fixtures, and/or other College property. The use of adhesives, nails or items that may damage the walls and other spaces on premises are not allowed. Charges will be assessed for any damages to rooms, buildings, furniture and/or equipment.
  • Audio Visual Services

    The Audio Visual department offers a full range of audio, visual and lighting equipment for events ranging from small meetings to large conferences. Everything from a standard podium with microphone to screen projectors is available. At an additional rate, Audio Visual staff is available for hire to operate and trouble-shoot the equipment for you during the event.

    The Audio Visual department does not provide videography or live streaming assistance but will provide a list of approved vendors upon request.
  • Event Staffing

    Please note that based on the size and scope of the event, a dedicated Office of Conference Services staff member will be present throughout your event. This staff member may be in addition to other staff, including an A/V technician and security guards.
  • Excessive Noise

    External organizations must ensure their guests are respectful of classes in session, staff and faculty throughout the campus community and neighbors in adjacent buildings. The College reserves the right to intervene in cases of excessive noise as it deems appropriate and at its own discretion. Such actions may include termination of the event.
  • Smoking

    In accordance with the regulations established by the New York State Clean Indoor Air Act, smoking is NOT PERMITTED in any building.
  • Alcohol

    Organizations interested in serving alcohol at their event on campus must complete an Event with Alcohol Request Form and have it approved. If approved, a licensed bartender through Chartwells and a security guard must be present at the event.