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Services Offered

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Our Center offers a broad range of academic support service to our students. This includes:

  1. Individual and group tutoring 
    • Guidelines for a Successful Tutoring Session
      • Identify the concepts that you find difficult prior to your session. Prepare a list of specific questions for your tutor.
      • Attempt all drafts, assignments and problems prior to a tutoring session.
      • Bring all course materials to every session. This includes syllabi, notes, textbooks, and previously completed exams.
      • Do not bring take-home examinations or quizzes to a session. Tutors are not permitted to provide guidance on these types of assignments. This is a violation of our Academic Integrity policy.
      • A tutoring session is intended to supplement you in-class work. It is not a replacement for attending class and office hours.
      • To service as many students as possible, we limit our tutoring sessions to an hour a day per course. However, group tutoring is an option if you know of other students who would like to work on the same content.
      • Before the end of a session, recap the appointment with your tutor. List any concepts you are still struggling with or wish to discuss in the future. Arrange a subsequent session to address these issues.
  2. Virtual Rudin
    • Students must register for an online tutoring session by calling (914) 633-2017 or emailing Students must make sure to have the appropriate equipment and materials ensure their sessions runs smoothly. A successful tutoring sessions requires the following:
      • Either a computer, phone, or tablet with access to internet
      • A webcam and microphone
      • A quiet, distraction free environment
      • You Iona ID displayed at the beginning of each session.
      • Submission of the assignment/content to be discussed at least 2 hours prior to the start of a session using Iona College’s OneDrive
      • Submission of writing assignment at least two (2) hours prior to the start of a session using Iona College’s OneDrive

    Virtual Rudin is a safe academic space for students and tutors. For any questions or additional information, please contact Marissa Sannella ( Tutors may end a session for the following reasons:

    • Student does not provide their Iona ID
    • Student does not submit the assignment/paper at least two (2) hours prior to the start of a session
    • Student displays inappropriate behavior
    • Student is not appropriately dressed
  3. Academic coaching
  4. Test-taking accommodations for students with supporting documentation
    • Test-taking Accommodations Policies and Procedures
      • Students must be approved for testing accommodations by our office of accessibility. Please contact the Director of Accessibility for further information.
      • If a student would like to use the approved accommodations, the student must inform professors at the beginning of each semester.
      • Student must make an appointment to take their exam at Rudin at least one week prior to the exam date. To do so, call (914) 633-2017 or email Marissa Sannella at
      • Students must leave phones, textbooks, and notebooks with the proctor.
      • Once an exam is started, the students cannot leave and return to complete the exam at a later time or date.
      • Professors are asked to fill out the Testing-Accommodations Form three (3) days prior to a scheduled exam and submit to Marissa Sannella.
  5. Note-taking services for students with supporting documentation 
    • The Rudin Center provides note-taking accommodations to students who have received approval from the Office of Accessibility. The process is confidential and the student's identity will remain anonymous unless the student would like meet and discuss the notes with the note-taker.
      • Students should meet with the Director of the Rudin Center to request a note-taking accommodation.
      • Students must identify each class for which they need a note-taker.
      • The Rudin Center will vet note-takers from each of your classes and train them in the note-taking accommodations process.
      • If a student from you class is not found, the Rudin Center will find a vetted note-taker from our pool of tutors.
      • Students are asked to pick up their notes at the Rudin Center two (2) hours after class. If you would like your notes emailed, please make a request with the Rudin Center at the beginning of the semester.
  6. Time management and study skills tutorials