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Let's begin your journey to choosing a major:

Step 1: Knowing Yourself

This is probably the most important factor that will influence your decision. Understanding what motivates you in school subjects, interests and hobbies is a good place to begin.

What factors should I consider?

  • Your interests - What energizes and captivates you? Make a list of everything that interests you. Ask yourself what activities do you participate in? What topics or books do you like to read? What do you choose to do with your free time? At the same time what do you avoid?
  • Your abilities & skills - What comes naturally to you? What subjects have you gotten the highest grades in and what subjects come easily to you? What skills have you enjoyed using in school, work or other activities (e.g. problem solving, creative writing, computer, analyzing data, organizing an event or project, instructing others)?
  • Your values - What classes do you care about the most and why do you value them? What are some of the key values you hope to have in your work (e.g. creativity, security, independence, helping others, salary, job outlook)?
  • Your personality - What characteristics make you unique (e.g. outgoing, helpful, adaptable, results driven, confident, dependable, proactive and what majors and careers would support those characteristics)?

Now that you have completed Step 1: Knowing Yourself, move on the Step 2: Exploring Options