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Optimize your college experience and make the most of college life

Participate: Throughout your four years of college you will have many opportunities to participate in activities and experiences that will help you with your career development. This will not only help you with career decisions but will also make you more marketable for employment opportunities upon graduation.

Build a Professional Image: As an undergraduate, you have an opportunity to build a professional image and you can start as early as freshman year.

Below are some suggestions to expand your college experience and increase your chances of career success:

Excel in Your Education:

  • Aim for a high GPA since this will increase your chances of better employment opportunities as well as graduate schools.
  • Consider a variety of coursework as well as use of electives and general studies to demonstrate a well-rounded education.
  • Participate in a research project that is of interest to you and gain valuable experience. Ask a faculty member who is conducting research, if you can assist over the course of a semester or summer.
  • Study Abroad and gain international experience that is sought after in today's global economy. Ask your First-Year Advisor for more information on study abroad programs.

Extra-curricular Activities:
Involvement in campus clubs and organizations demonstrate initiative and often leadership. They also help you develop skills and experience desired by employers. Visit the Office of Student Development to learn more.

Volunteering allows you to build skills and experiences as well as contribute to an organization. Employers often look for volunteer experiences on a resume since it shows initiative and community involvement. Visit Campus Ministries at Iona to learn more about volunteering.

It is important to begin building relationships now in order to get information, advice and connections for future job opportunities.

Part-time Work Experience:
Employers as well as graduate schools seek candidates with experience that is related to your career field. Consider part-time employment that will help you gain skills and experience that will make you a more desirable candidate.

An internship is a great way to gain practical work experience, build marketable skills and learn about an industry or career field. Internships are offered for credit in most majors and paid internships are also available in many fields. For more information on internships, visit The Gerri Ripp Center for Career Development website on internships.