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Choosing a major is not always easy

By the end of your freshman year you will be asked to declare an academic major. Choosing a major is not always easy; it is important that you take the time to carefully research majors that are of interest to you. Below are some steps you should take before choosing a major:

  • Examine your interests, skills/abilities and values.
  • Consider the courses you’ve done well in and what college major they may be related to.
  • Look into the courses required for the major you are considering. Read through the descriptions. Does the subject matter interest you? Consider taking the introductory class in the major you are considering.
  • Talk to professors and upperclassmen in the major you are considering. Prepare questions and get their perspectives.
  • Investigate the careers associated with the major you are considering. Do they interest you?
  • Meet with a Career Coach to discuss your ideas concerning potential majors.

The sites below are helpful in giving you more specific information about majors and resources to help you choose one:

Resources for Choosing a Major

What can I Do With This Major? - Helps you connect with careers through a list of potential employers, specific strategies to obtain employment in those fields as well as links to career sites based upon major.

Exploring Careers - Iona’s Career Development webpage dedicated to career exploration resources.

Assessments - Iona’s Career Development webpage that lists available options for assessments that measure interests, skills, values etc.

For further assistance in identifying a suitable major, schedule an appointment to meet with a Career Advisor.