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Core Course Checklists

The Honors Humanities Seminar

This seminar is an integral part of freshman and sophomore years. Offered as four three-credit courses, the Humanities Seminar introduces students to the central concepts of philosophy, history, literature, and religious studies in an interdisciplinary fashion. These seminars are team-taught by two professors from different academic disciplines, exposing students to interdisciplinary perspectives and expanding the students' abilities to examine ideas critically.

Its emphasis on primary texts encourages open discussion, fosters the development of essential thinking skills, and creates an appreciation of the great ideas that have shaped civilization. Writing, speaking, and critical thinking are well-defined objectives of the Humanities Seminar.

A course on rhetoric, specifically designed to develop these skills, and combining skills taught by an English professor and a Philosophy professor, complement the work of the Humanities courses and prepare students to utilize these skills not only in the rest of their college curriculum but also in future graduate studies.

Research Seminar

The research seminar is another exciting feature of the program which is offered in the Junior year. The series focuses on exploring different types of research and developing a research proposal. The culmination of the program is the completion of an independent research project in Senior year, undertaken with a faculty mentor. While challenging students to formulate and defend a research thesis, this year of intensive scholarly endeavor is an excellent prelude to the rigors of graduate study.

Study Abroad

Through specially designed Honors offerings, the program seeks to develop an appreciation and understanding of the inter-relatedness of knowledge and culture by providing a wide range of interdisciplinary courses and opportunities to study abroad.

Students may spend the spring semester of their sophomore year studying at the Marino Institute in Dublin, Ireland, or a junior year semester in Australia. Students have also studied in Italy, France, Spain and other locations during summer sessions.